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The only thing that Ju Da Hae wants in her life is to be successful. And she really doesn't care if it makes people around her cry, suffer from broken hearts or die. The only man who knows about her true nature is Ha Ryu, who lost everything because of this woman: his heart and his only family -- daughter. And now he wants his revenge.

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yokochan 28 Dec, 2012
wow <3 su ae cut her hair =O and now the first teaser is out *.*

The Cast is sooooooooooooo great <3
pixiie 10 Jan, 2013
Yunho <3
moonlightangel 11 Jan, 2013
OMG I'm really hoping this to be a good drama, besides I love Gwon Sang Woo he's a wonderful actor
alleinr 12 Jan, 2013
something tells me that it will be second "Miss Ripley". -__-
malice 12 Jan, 2013
@alleinr if you check out the teasers or better, the longer teaser, you'll see it's nothing like Miss Ripley, fortunately :D
honestly it seems more like a second Nice guy
xsahara 15 Jan, 2013
1 episode was great. it seems a little "Nice Guy", but i hope it's only for a moment. this scene, when Ha Ryu was looking for a job... hilarious! :D
artesia 15 Jan, 2013
Usually when i start to watch the first episode of a drama,i exclaimed "wow" already' i like it" ,not imagining that it might be a big disappointment,as often happening .but for the moment i can say this drama is okay,although i had an emotion very tense.
serendipity 17 Jan, 2013
Episode one didn't have a fantastic start but by the end of the episode I found myself craving for more.