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The only thing that Ju Da Hae wants in her life is to be successful. And she really doesn't care if it makes people around her cry, suffer from broken hearts or die. The only man who knows about her true nature is Ha Ryu, who lost everything because of this woman: his heart and his only family -- daughter. And now he wants his revenge.

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makiru 16 Mar, 2013
I can't stand Da Hae.
I really think that violence is not the answer but... Someone should beat her up.
Such a cynical b*tch ¬¬
At first, I didn't like Yunho's acting (I'm a HUGE fan of him, but I'm not gonna lie lol) but,
I think his acting skills has improved a lot! He even made ​​me cry!
They REALLY like to kill people in this drama, don't they?!
Is it to save money or what? lol A lot of unnecessary deaths...
alleinr 16 Mar, 2013
Okay, first I was watching this drama only because of Yunho. And first episodes I was like: "Another cute puppy played by another Dong Bang Shin Gi member? Another evil bit*h that makes all people around here suffer? Another Miss Ripley? ". After Ha Ryu's brother' death I was like "Srsly?!" and this drama really got my interest. After revealing true about Do Hun's mother I cried as little child every episode. But now I really don't know if I'm going to proceed watching. My cute puppy died, Do Gyeong makes something stupid, evil bit*h is going to marry that old douche, and plot seems so predictable, I can't. Really don't know if I should watch next episode.
ilate 21 Mar, 2013
I really can't believe how evil people can be. But it's an amazing drama ;)
yokochan 21 Mar, 2013
hahaha trust me please ;D
this drama is really amazing <3 *_______________*
naath 30 Mar, 2013
My Baek Do Hun is gone *sobbing*
Now I'm only watching this so I can see when Da Hae gets the punishment she deserves.
ilate 03 Apr, 2013
It was amazing at the beginning but it's getting more and more boring with every episode. The only thing that keeps me from dropping it is the fact that I'm really curious how it will end.
yokochan 04 Apr, 2013
4* ! The End was so Touching *_*
i love this drama !
collony 04 Apr, 2013
It was one crazy drama but with a perfect revenge plot. I wish there were more dramas like this. From me - masterpiece.