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The only thing that Ju Da Hae wants in her life is to be successful. And she really doesn't care if it makes people around her cry, suffer from broken hearts or die. The only man who knows about her true nature is Ha Ryu, who lost everything because of this woman: his heart and his only family -- daughter. And now he wants his revenge.

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naiseen 06 May, 2013
Why they didn't let his brother live? Why? It would have been a wonderful double role. I started to watch this drama because of Yunho, however, I liked Ha Ryu a lot!!

Ha Ryu's relationships didn't grow. I felt really sad when they stopped with Do Gyeong. The pairing with Ha Ryu and Su Jeong. I really thought that the happy ending will be with one of those girls. However for the spring drama, it ends really tragically and he stays in an empty house...

I'm watching Asian dramas because of the feelings they are able to portray them the best, however, the feeling at the end haven't reached me. Sorry...

palepaleta 14 May, 2013
I'd like to watch it because of So Ae... but it looks boring... it is?
windwhispers 10 Jun, 2013
Ugly acting skills ... Very poor
sh0oa 11 Jun, 2013
i cried a lote like a LOTE !!! even after the last episod like for 14min!! daaaabaaag drama!!! you won't expect a scene!
kangin03 24 Jul, 2013
This drama was so intense I couldn't help but crying. I don't cry a lot when it comes to dramas, so I was really impressed. A true masterpiece, imo. Also loved the actors. Hope to see something good as this in the future.
artesia 02 Oct, 2013
yes! it was a good drama plenty of emotion and suspance,i did like it!
but anyway,maybe was i the only one who did not cry here?lol!!
sarahohimesama 06 Nov, 2013
just finished this drama.. i didn't like it that much guess its not my cup of tea!

it dragged a lot.. maybe if it was 16-18 episodes it would be better

the genre said " romance " but honestly i didn't feel any in the entire drama even Ha Ruy's love for Da Hae in the first part it felt like an older brother or a father who's spoiling his little sis/daughter.. and Ha Ruy was naive to the stupidly level i didn't like that at all

Jae Woong x Do Kyung pair was good.. shame it ended like that i was really hoping they will get together in the end
yokochan 08 Jan, 2014
For me; the most underrated drama of 2013 =´(
okay maybe it´s because everyone knows the drama -daemul- ? i don´t know the drama =)
but i love YAWANG <3