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The only thing that Ju Da Hae wants in her life is to be successful. And she really doesn't care if it makes people around her cry, suffer from broken hearts or die. The only man who knows about her true nature is Ha Ryu, who lost everything because of this woman: his heart and his only family -- daughter. And now he wants his revenge.

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invincible 31 Mar, 2014
@yokochan but this drama had high ratings even mostly 20% and even 30%
alexadm81 06 Aug, 2014
It was quite an awesome drama, however, I wish the last episodes would've been slightly better.
The acting was really really great!!! 4/5.
jujuvieira 29 Nov, 2014
Um dos melhores dramas!!! Atuações excelentes e OST perfeita. Acho que fui uma das únicas que não odiou a história e simpatizou com a DaHae,
afinal ela foi injustiçada e sofreu quando criança e por isso ela quis ser a melhor, sua ambição acabou levando ao seu trágico final.
calm 11 Oct, 2017
the ending was dissappointing, because it felt rushed but overall it's a great drama, definitely worth watching!