Sono Shion’s Newest Work “Shinjuku Swan” Starts Filming

discordia 25 May, 2014

Genius director Sono Shion will be directing “Shinjuku Swan”, a live-action film adaptation of the popular manga series by Wakui Ken. Filming has already started with Ayano Gou in the starring role, along with Yamada Takayuki, Sawajiri Erika and Iseya Yuusuke.

The original work, based on the author Wakui’s personal experience, is a story about the scout men that support from the shadows the prosperity of Kabukicho, Shinjuku’s entertainment and red-light district. A TV series adaptation “Shinjuku Swan – Kabukicho Scout Survival” was broadcasted in 2007. This time, the long-awaited live-action film adaptation, directed by the acclaimed Sono Shion and with a cast of some of the best actors and actresses of the current Japanese film world, will depict with style the struggles of the men and women trying to survive in Kabukicho.

Ayano Gou will be playing the protagonist, the scout man Shiratori Tatsuhiko. He showed his fighting spirit saying “I am looking forward to my first collaboration with director Sono Shion. I am also very excited to be able to take part in Wakui’s “Shijuku Swan” with such wonderful staff and co-stars. Ambitiously and without being afraid I will challenge Shiratori Tatsuhiko!”.

Yamada Takayuki, playing Tatsuhiko’s rival Hideyoshi, commented “I was very happy to receive the offer to play the role of the charming Hideyoshi, and after hearing the name of the director and the rest of the cast I am looking forward to the filming”. Iseya Yuusuke, appearing as the scout man Mako, said eagerly “After reading the original work I was fascinated. Mako is a character with a deep darkness that makes him very interesting. Playing this role, the thought that I will be able to feel even a little of that darkness gives me motivation!”.

Sawajiri Erika, who is a fan of the original manga series, said “After hearing that there will be a live-action film adaptation by director Sono Shion I thought I really want to be a part of it”. About her role as Ageha, she said “She is a girl working in the adult entertainment business, who even when it seems she might be crushed in a small corner of the big city, she still believes that one day a prince will appear and save her. Even while working in the adult entertainment business, she never loses her innocent heart, that aspect of Ageha’s admirable character really touched me”.

The film “Shinjuku Swan” will be released in 2015.


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