Lee Jong Seok And Park Sin Hye As Potential Cast In New Drama ‘Pinocchio’

nina116 21 Aug, 2014
Actors Lee Jong Seok and Park Sin Hye are currently considering joining the cast of the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Pinocchio’.

A representative of Lee Jong Seok’s agency is reported to have said that the actor has been offered a part in ‘Pinocchio’ and is currently reviewing the role.

A strong candidate for the lead female role is Park Sin Hye, whose agency has also said the actress has received an offer and is currently considering the role.

‘Pinocchio’ will follow the story of local news reporters. The drama will be a reunion of director Jo Su Won and screenwriter Park Hye Ryeon who previously worked together in the award-winning 2013 SBS drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’ (also starring Lee Jong Seok).

‘Pinocchio’ is set to air in November after ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’ and ‘She’s So Loveable’ wrap up.


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Random chan 22 Aug, 2014
@nina116 Oh interesting :o. I have watched 1 drama by Jo Su Won so far... I wonder if this one will be good. I don't like Park Sin Hye though ~.~
bluenvision 22 Aug, 2014
@Random chan Park Sin Hye's company promotes her so well. She is everywhere. XD

@nina116 Thanks for the news. *__* I wonder how this title will be. We have to wait till November to check it out. @@
dutchviola 22 Aug, 2014
Jo Su Won PD has some good rated titles on his list, that's a good sign^^
He and the screenwriter worked together before on 'I Hear Your Voice'.
alleinr 22 Aug, 2014
Too much Lee Jong Seok last years. -___-

@Random chan, next time you will be watching drama with PSH in it, I'm sure. XDDD You already watched some Geun Seok' drama, now it's SH's turn to annoy you to the infinity and beyond XDDDDDD
Random chan 22 Aug, 2014
@alleinr I still need to finish You're Beautiful xDDD. I just can't lolol.
Random chan 22 Aug, 2014
@alleinr Best combo ever though :P, GS and PSH XD. Does it get worse? :P
alleinr 22 Aug, 2014
@Random chan,