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Sang Jin teaches in the department of music. Soon, Jang Ho, a hooligan and troublemaker, arrives to his class. Incidentally, Jang Ho was responsible for an accident a day earlier in which Sang Jin was also involved. At first, both of them quite dislike each other. But everything changes when Sang Jin discovers Jang Ho's true talent. Helping him develop his passion, he also tries to support him in breaking away from his problematic past.

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hyukjae 14 Jan, 2013
Jehun <3
addy1884 22 Sep, 2013
omg.. TEARS... so many!
tala 24 Mar, 2014
made me cry a lot
worth watch especially it talks about true story
dramahloic 28 Apr, 2014
Nice movie!! Highly recommended!
and why does Lee Jee Hoon remind me of SJ's Henry in this movie ? lol
rooomanoooma 15 Mar, 2015
wow such a terrific movie .. it's just my cup of tea ^.^
so many touching moments .. so many joyful laughter .. so many tears .. and such a great ending song .. My Fav. ONE ❤ . ❤
xdsmile 17 Sep, 2015
awesome movie, so touching and very great songs
shmatity 19 Jun, 2017
If i could give 6 stars i would.
seoltang 02 Mar, 2018
Amei demais 5/5