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Illegal immigrants are smuggled into Korea but with them they carry a very dangerous flu and hell breaks loose when they try to contain the infected victims.

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nessssbm 21 Jan, 2014
so emotional.
jangminhae 14 Feb, 2014
I really can't find words to describe this movie.
What came out was like: aaa!!, don't!, oh my god!! etc
Wow... Such a breathtaking movie!
Masterpiece: 5/5
kyouki 26 Feb, 2014
I wanted something new to watch and chose this because of the fairly good ratings, even though I don't usually watch this genre. Glad I did.

The story was great, horrifying and pretty realistic. The acting in this one is great, especially the little girl! They actually had great english in this one lol. Only bad thing I can point out is some of the CG, but well. Great movie! It got my full attention all the time, no boring moments.

I would really recommend this movie!!
klud 07 Oct, 2014
I haven't seen a good movie in a while , a real masterpiece everything was incredibly amazing enjoyed every moment Strongly recommended

The scene when that soldier met his mom made me cry out loud such an emotional scene
danisensei 29 Oct, 2014
I liked this movie very much but the beginning remained a mistery:
why did they send those people to another place? If they did so, they already had doubts about those people being sick? If they did, what happened to their land? That part remained without an explanation.
bayanoh 28 Nov, 2014
They were not all sick. There was only one sick person in that container, and that person got everyone else infected. In the first scene, they were all normal, but there was one person coughing. I guess they weren't aware of how serious it was, they thought it was just a normal flu.
danisensei 01 Dec, 2014
@bayanoh Indeed.
But still what were they sent in a container? Illegal immigration?
bayanoh 01 Dec, 2014
@danisensei Are you demanding a prequel? XD That sounds actually interesting.
It was mentioned that they were illegal immigrants, but for what I don't know. Looking for work, maybe?