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Illegal immigrants are smuggled into Korea but with them they carry a very dangerous flu and hell breaks loose when they try to contain the infected victims.

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danisensei 03 Dec, 2014
@bayanoh Perhaps I didn't pay enough attention when it was mentioned. Sorry. xD
But thank you for the explanation. :)
kiyoshi 29 Mar, 2015
This movie was pretty good. I don't usually like this kind of movie but it was very interesting and the performance of each character was amazing.
ahri1 20 Jan, 2016
It was a very good movie, it kept my attention 'til the very end!
I'm happy that, in the middle of all the crazy situations, there are always people like Ji Gu (Jang Hyuk) who try everything to help the others (but really... politicians... i don't have words to describe them) =_=
4.3/5 - I totally recommend it.
inukko 02 Jun, 2016
This movie was sooo good. Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.
powerpuff 13 Aug, 2017
This kind of scenario is itself unrealistic but the movie just turned everything into a big ridiculous joke. It was very American inspired, comically fake and exaggerated. Watch the show At the end of the world instead, that is the only flu themed thing worth watching.