Titles About Creatures

kirtil 19 Dec, 2014
@bluenvision cheers for the clarification. With that I can say all titles under spoiler is out. All titles except Dai-guard seems apply. One of the mains in Another parting is alien and same for the animes.

titles under your spoiler tag:
Bem was about creatures trying to live in our world if I remember correctly. so seems to fit here.
The host does have a monster similar to (in importance) godzilla but for me that monster was not the most important thing there. The events, the characters etc were more important. Until I saw it here I never once thought host was a monster movie; just a brilliant movie disguised as one.

new entries
Silver Fox one of the mains is a fox spirit. only one other sees it tho.
Porco Rosso this probably doesn't make the cut but I just couldn't skip it without mentioning. Miyazaki Hayao ftw! And also; flying pig!
The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya mains are a normal guy, a time traveler, an alien, an esper and someone self-titled ultra director, ultra detective.
My Bride is a Mermaid descriptive title.
bluenvision 11 Sep, 2015
@kirtil I didn't add Porco Rosso. Thanks for the recommendations and the feedback.
kitsun 14 Aug, 2016
zaharisa 29 Dec, 2016

Mermaid -> The Legend Of The Blue Sea
kirtil 29 Dec, 2016
latest film by Stephen Chow was also about mermaids.
The Mermaid