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In an era when Seo Taiji and Yonsei basketball were at the height of popularity, a group of young people in their 20s who hail from different provinces come together at a boarding house in Seoul, growing as they learn about life, friendship, and love.

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babo 05 Dec, 2013
@beeesseoul It seems like
many believe in that theory and it is making me think twice, not only of what I hope it all will end up like but also if the directors really will follow the same pattern as in 1997...

concerning what you were refering to in episode 12,
did you mean Na Jeong and Chil Bong at the crossover? I have to agree with you on that one, it was a really nice moment for them though I am worried Chil Bong took it the wrong way...
mavstark 08 Dec, 2013
Someone hold me please this show is killing me. ;_; Team Chilbongie fighting :
linest 08 Dec, 2013
I gave up trying to guess who is the husband.
I prefer stop here, before getting crazy! lol


I think there are some gaps between NJ and CB.
Such as... What did NJ say after CB to confess? And about the kiss?
He just walked away? NJ doesn't properly rejected him? How did she feel after?

How does NJ really feel?
CB's feelings are totally overshadowed by the love she feels for Trash?

I feel that these small details can be incorporated in the next episodes.

Sorry my basic English --'
taraneh 08 Dec, 2013
@mavstark Fighting! XD
sunflowerseeds 09 Dec, 2013
@mavstark, I got you! I'm in the same boat and it's painful as hell.
just wait for new years 1999, something's going down on that date

can't wait until this drama ends so i can know the end result and then can relax knowing whether chilbong is the husband or not. that boy is breaking my heart.
when is the baseball manager girl being brought back? what was the purpose of her character - i was so sure they would develop her and chilbong's relationship. can we please have another girl enter the picture to put chilbong's pain away.
mavstark 09 Dec, 2013
@taraneh @sunflowerseeds I believe it's going to be an happy ending for our otp XD There is too much scenes pointing on this.
@linest I thought the same, but also remember there is a lot of topics that were abandoned (like this one with basketball etc.) so don't be so sure on this.
linest 09 Dec, 2013
@mavstark Yes it is more likely that these details will be ignore too.
But I hope it'll be a beginning for the couple CB and NJ, if by chance the show incorporate it.
donshi5 10 Dec, 2013
Najeong is like Siwon
Chilbongyi is like Yunjae
Trash-oppa is like Taewoon
because Siwon fell in love with Yunjae not at once. and, I think, a significant difference between 1994 and 1997 only in the fact that Najeong was in love with Trash-oppa at the beginning, but actually confused love with affection. now I know who is her husband. and I have little doubt that makes my torture a little easier. if Najeong to stay with Trash, then I will call 1994 'the most banal bullshit in 2013.'