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In an era when Seo Taiji and Yonsei basketball were at the height of popularity, a group of young people in their 20s who hail from different provinces come together at a boarding house in Seoul, growing as they learn about life, friendship, and love.

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sbloom 17 Dec, 2013
where are you, Chilbong? :(
murii 18 Dec, 2013
I hope her husband is trash, because trash is the best :D Just my opinion, chil bong is nice but he was just words. And I wanted bingurae to end up with jun hee :c
stellybish 19 Dec, 2013
The Reply 1997 cameo was amazing!
When Dong Il me tthe other Dong Il... just LOL xDD

& I seriously was expecting Jun Hee to pop out of that car Smiles was waiting for but I'm glad he got his happy ending. It's good that the 2 episodes were more focused on him and how he gave up on his feelings for Trash. They couldn't show much of him and that girl but it was still satisfying for me.
murii 22 Dec, 2013
I can't wait till this friday D:
jisuoppa 24 Dec, 2013
I've watched up to episode 12 and...

I must say that I'm kind of tired of this whole Na Jeong x Trash drama. Up until now, he's been sweet to her, but his actions towards Na Jeong at some point hurt her, because he knows about her feelings and he feels the same way about her, but won't really do anything about it.
In the beginning, I routed for Na Jeong to end up with Trash, but now I REALLY want her to end up with Chil Bong, and I must say that I'll feel really disappointed if she doesn't end up with him.

It's just frustrating because all the hints point out that Trash is her husband. And this is a very strong suspicion because in the scenes of the wedding, when the cameras show the husband from behind, his hair color matches with Trash's, while Chil Bong's hair is dyed. Furthermore, if Reply 1994 follows the pattern of Reply 1997, she'll definitely end up with Trash.
donshi5 24 Dec, 2013
the husband is Trash oppa...
bcuz Siwon's reaction to the one who stood outside the door, when she opened it.
"husband" allegedly, damn.
but i am absolutely happy for Bingrrae and Diedie sunbae !
even if i was rooting for Trash/Bingrrae couple or Junhee/Bingrrae.
and we finally know his name! yeah!
i'm worried about Chilbongyi, so far. i still don't watch 18th and 19th eps, i'm scared. i'd rather wait 20th and 21st, see everything at once, cry and forget. yes, Chilbongyi is not Najeong's husband. that's why i give it one star, rating 'bad'. of course, i'll change it to 'masterpiece', when calm down. because this drama is worthy sequel (or what?) for 'reply to 1997'. and what happened to Haetae, friends? i hope he will also find his own happiness. finally he came out of the army, but what about Sam—Āheonpo? i (again :D) hope Yunjin will waiting for him.
yukimi 26 Dec, 2013
When I was watching episode 17 I really thought that Binggeure
was waiting for Gang Jun Hui and they were a gay med couple, since the episode was also named with Reply 1997. OWWW I would be so happy, because I really wanted something about Gang Jun Hui new relationship that is mentioned in the end of Reply 1997.
donshi5 28 Dec, 2013