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In an era when Seo Taiji and Yonsei basketball were at the height of popularity, a group of young people in their 20s who hail from different provinces come together at a boarding house in Seoul, growing as they learn about life, friendship, and love.

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murii 28 Dec, 2013
OMG... I think I'm gonna wait till tomorrow because I think I won't be able to handle my feelings! I suffered a lot yesterday waiting subtitles...

and chil bong. Even if I'm in team seuregi, I felt sorry for him. Well it's understandable, love makes us selfish.
kanae 28 Dec, 2013
no :-(
it's Trash : (
mavstark 28 Dec, 2013
!@#$%^&*()))))))))((&%!@#$%^&( :[
jisuoppa 29 Dec, 2013
So, the husband is Trash. It was pretty obvious since the beginning. It wouldn't make sense to make Chil Bong the husband, because the entire drama, we watched Na Jeong suffer because of Trash, and we got to see Na Jeong and Trash's relationship development.
Still, I can't help but feel disappointed. I really wish they had given Chil Bong a better ending.

I was a Chil Bong x Na Jeong shipper, and I knew Trash was gonna be the husband.
Honestly, Reply 1997 was way more enjoyable to me than Reply 1994. Reply 1994's episodes were WAY longer than Reply 1997's, and I felt the writers included many useless scenes. Also, I thought that the fangirling would be more present. In a way, it was, because we saw Yoon Jin fangirling over Seo Tai Ji and The Boys. But Na Jeong? They made her seem crazy because of Lee Sang Min, but then, they totally forgot about it. Also, in my opinion, Reply 1997 was funnier. I laughed a lot while watching it.

sunflowerseeds 29 Dec, 2013
Unacceptable. I'm sorry but I refuse to like this ending. You throw Chilbong a girlfriend in the last few minutes of the show? we don't even get to see their relationship develop. At least, they could have chosen Misoo as his future wife because they have history and were friends. Everyone else had a great love story and Chilbong was just thrown a girl in 3 minutes. I'm sorry but Chilbong was my favourite character and in the end, he was the only character I remained liking til the end - everyone else began to get on my nerves. They took baseball from him. They took first love from him. His parents neglect him. His friends forget his birthday (even his cousin!), he attends his first love's wedding (they photoshop him in the back somehow) and he can still manage to smile through all of this? impossible. DO NOT RECOMMEND. I can't believe they made a joke about the whole first love thing with Chilbong. I don't care if he was laughing as well - he probably did it because he felt awkward. This drama taught me not to hope, believe or work hard because it's all useless in the end. Thanks a lot, drama. I'll leave it here because I could go on.
vaniahs 29 Dec, 2013
@sunflowerseeds I can't agree more with you. I love this drama so much cause I relate so much to Chilbong, but then in the end they crushed all his hopes and mine too. I guess it's useless to hope for more of Chilbong.
honey 29 Dec, 2013
For me, Chil Bong was too weak of a character to relate to him. He just was there all the time, suddenly he got a bigger role at the end and that's it... I like the ending how it was, because I didn't feel like it was all about romance only. It's just a part of growing up, but in the end it was also about moving out, getting a job, making a life and friends. If they let Chil Bong and Na Jeong end up together, I would've needed some better relationship developement between him and her. Not saying that I wouldn't have liked it if they ended up together, but it made more sense for me like it is now. =D
I would've hoped they could be a couple for some time and just notice they aren't made for each other and then end up with the person they are made for. I am not supporting the whole "first love" story. Too unrealistic if you ask me. XDD
allase 29 Dec, 2013