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In an era when Seo Taiji and Yonsei basketball were at the height of popularity, a group of young people in their 20s who hail from different provinces come together at a boarding house in Seoul, growing as they learn about life, friendship, and love.

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ralphina 29 Dec, 2013
So heartbreaking. ;__;
leylachan 29 Dec, 2013
그럼 그렇지~~ 5/5 ^_^
thefreak 29 Dec, 2013
Longest love tri-angle ever!
I found it rather sad that the characters were used and written for the story and just to drag out the whole "husband-mystery". The whole character development suffered thereby. I think a story should be written for characters, not the other way around.
For me, Reply 1994 neither reached nor surpassed Reply 1997 as it managed to make me feel annoyed so that in the end, I didn't care anymore.

My favourite character was Hae Tae :3
stellybish 29 Dec, 2013
Well... I think I'm gonna disagree with most of the comments below.
For me the drama was great.
At first I was hesitant about starting it because Reply 1997 is one of my favourite dramas and I was worried I would be disappointed by this but I wasn't.
I felt everyone here were closer than in Reply 1997, maybe because they all lived in the same house for a very long time ^^
The development of the story and characters was really nice.
The drama showed different phases of life. Na Jung was a fangirl in the begining, yes.
But it wasn't forgotten. She just moved on, grew up and other things became more important.
I like how they never revelead Smiles's sexuality but we all knew he liked Trash. /until some point xD/
I loved all couples, everything was revealed with time.
And honestly, I'm satisfied with the ending. The competition was tough but Na Jung just never felt love towards Chil Bong, just friendship, it would have been weird if they ended up together.
Trash and Na Jung had ups and downs, they broke up for a while but in the end they still loved each other.
Chil Bong deserved better but for the mystery of the husband, they couldn't show scenes between him and his future wife but what did you expect people? 10 years later... he should be still single and drawn in his first love? I don't think so. Even if it wasn't shown it's good that he found love. For me he wasn't a weak character. He was just too nice and was a fool in love who became really pitful in the end but let go at the right moment.
Bows to the amazing cast! You created something really beautiful! <3

To the people who say the drama was dragging or something... it had 21 eps with length of 90 mins, while Reply 1997 had only about 10 episodes if we add them to the same length.
And if it had normal episodes like the other dramas (60 mins), it would pass 30 episodes.
*Me and my random calculations* xD
So yes, it was more of a sitcom and had many random scenes but that's what I liked about it!
It neither lacked comedy nor drama. It was a perfect combination.

But one thing is for sure!
The script was either changed in the last minute or just the whole wedding stuff were filmed all over.
You can clearly see the difference in the pictures. In the blurred one the man is much taller, which means it could've been Chil Bong, but everything was changed in the last minute.
Or it was just a substitute actor, not the real husband at all, which is more possible if you ask me.
disharmony 29 Dec, 2013
@stellybish i couldn't agree more with you!
especially the part about na jung never loving chilbong. this is the key to the drama i don't get why people are so upset that he is not the husband... there wasn't any chemistry between them and their "love story" didn't develop at all, yet people were still rooting for him at the end and then went bashing on the drama because their fave character didn't get the girl...

i loved the drama, it was even better than 1997 for me and while it did get a little bit boring around the 17th episode or so, it was just for a while and i think the story unfolded very well ;; it has definitely made it onto my favourites list ^^
i think the wedding stuff were filmed again in the end because na jung's father's hair is much shorter in the scenes where trash oppa is seen as the husband.. and i think they did use a substitute actor for the husband in order for the actors to not know who it is~ i think they did the same with reply 1997 if i'm not mistaken :D
cutedevil 29 Dec, 2013
"It ain't over till its over"
The ending couldn't be any better...

we need another Reply :) ballee ballee
kamilles 29 Dec, 2013
This drama is really good. I just think it's too slow-paced, and the episodes are too long. (100 minutes)
I can't wait to see how it turns out in the end.

Even though I liked Chilbong more than Trash, i'm happy she ended up with trash. I love Chilbong and all, but it just never looked like she saw him as more than a friend.

My absolute favorites from this drama was Bingurae and Sam Cheon Po, even though he was waaaaay older than 17 years old. xD
bundiriska 29 Dec, 2013
I've just finished the last episode and i seriously dunno what to say yet.
tbh i was rooting for chilbongie but then when najung and trash were dating i was already like 'i don't care who's gonna be the husband in the end, i like both of em a lot' But then when i read that it was trash i was really sad. But i'm also happy for em so it's just weird...
Tbh i was really upset and sad about bingrae's story. So typical it is that your parents tell you what you should be when you grow up. He did as he was told for a while but then he rebelled when he had the chance to do it in secret. But when he gave up his dream of being a singer (i was really sad that we didn't know too much about this story tho...) for me that was so utterly upsetting and miserable. Maybe he did the "right" thing but this was not the thing he actually wanted to do.

After all, during the last minutes, during the goodbyes i cried my eyes out i'm gonna miss these characters so much. I loved every one of them with their flaws and background stories and everything.
This drama wasn't perfect it had mistakes. But we can still love it with all its flaws and probably boring moments, too long episodes. (I was amazingly upset at how they totally seemed to forget what a huge fangirl najung was in the first few episodes.... pffff...)
the show had its unique charms and amazing characters. Maybe i wasn't too happy about some happenings but the overall feelings and memories are all positive.
Drama, our goodbye was bittersweet
With way too many tears.
We had our fallouts and figths
But in the end you deserve those 5 stars.
/Sorry for the poem. It had to be done./
Sorry if what i wrote doesn't make much sense. I'm still wiping away the tears....