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In an era when Seo Taiji and Yonsei basketball were at the height of popularity, a group of young people in their 20s who hail from different provinces come together at a boarding house in Seoul, growing as they learn about life, friendship, and love.

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yukimi 30 Dec, 2013
Read this in the comments of the review from Dramabeans and I couldn’t agree more:
I am completely and utterly shocked.
I have never rooted for the second lead before. NEVER, in all of my drama watching. But Answer Me 1994, has finally made me become privy to it.
Oh, Chilbongie. I knew the chance of him ending up with Na Jung was rare by the time Oppa proposed the first time around. But still, I hoped, and when they broke up, I was actually SO happy (I’m sorry Garbage fans), thinking that it gave Chilbongie an actual shot at getting the girl. And when the last three episodes or so had more Chilbong/Najung screentime than anything/anyone else, I was certain that he was the husband, that since I’d never had Second Lead Syndrome, I wouldn’t have it this time around either. If only I knew. Sigh…
I think my personal bias overtook my whole enjoyment of the show. I’ve always thought what the AM team did best was the family/friends stuff, and I think that’s what made me love this show so much in the beginning, more than 97. I was content with the love triangle because it didn’t seem very serious to me in the beginning. I liked both guys, and I rooted for both of them at different parts of the show (Garbage was like 1-4, then I think around 11-13, while Chilbongie was from 5-10 and 14-21).
But then the love triangle got going in earnest, and I found myself squarely on Team Chilbong. Because the show was trying so hard with the who’s-the-husband game and I was rooting for our Chilbongie, I found myself disliking Garbage Oppa more and more (which doesn’t even really make sense cause I actually really loved his character during the first half of the drama). And then it even translated to Na Jung, who became like a pawn during the last half of the show, until I was left liking no one but Chilbongie in the love triangle. (All the other side characters I love; special shoutout to the awesomeness of Samcheonpo) And how can someone enjoy a show who’s main character they don’t like?
The husband game really ruined this show. I mean, okay, Garbage is endgame. Then what was with the overflow of Najung/Chilbong scenes in like episodes 18-20? If Garbage was endgame, then she should’ve spent the last few episodes with more Garbage/Na Jung scenes. Giving viewers hope and then taking it away from them…This writer had my heart and then she just took it away.
So overall, I don’t even really know what I feel about this drama. Since my love of Chilbongie kind of overtook everything else in this show, I don’t think I can even rate it properly. The first half was pitch perfect in my opinion, and then maybe it started going downhill afterwards. I don’t know, because any scene where Na Jung was happy with Garbage Oppa, I was just sad that it wasn’t Chilbongie.
Therefore, I leave this show with bittersweet memories, as its lead couple didn’t really work for me, but the side characters are definitely one of my favourites ever. Thanks, 1994, for the laughs (the goat bleats though) and the joy you gave me this year
dramahloic 30 Dec, 2013
It's should have been 16 episodes! =_=
beeesseoul 30 Dec, 2013
Najung appeared in Trash's door and Trash said I love you.
Oh my god I kept pulling my hair while watching this drama because I didn't know what to feel or better yet I didn't want Najung not to not end up with Trash. This is the very first time a drama does this to me and I actually appreciate it.

The writers did it again.
At first I really hesitated on watching this drama because I thought it would be nothing compared to R97 but as soon as you start it you feel the same warmth and humor that R97 has.
These dramas are seriously like jewels to me. That family and friend dynamic is seriously priceless. I feel like I could watch Reply 1982, 2001, 1956, 1800, Ice Age with the same atmosphere and I would love it all the same.
I'm so grateful for the look back on the Reply 1997 characters and I'm so grateful for this drama overall.
/still shedding tears because of the final table scene
eriinnye 02 Jan, 2014
I don't know why so many people complain about it, for me it was better than reply 1997 and the best drama of the year :)) I am gonna miss it sooo much! T.T
mihaela 15 Jan, 2014
This show is indeed a masterpiece ! I'm not sure yet if this drama was better than 1997 ... but definitely it was at least as good as the previous one ^_^ Trash oppa was amazing , I'm pretty sure I want a husband like him !
cocci 16 Jan, 2014
I actually enjoyed it but I'm so mad at them for playing with us with Baro's character that I only remember that and it kills my fun.
ofelya 25 Jan, 2014
i just finished 1994 and....arghh really!!! Screenwriter played with my feelings. im crying out like a baby. Why It had to end this way! :'( what they did abt chil bong was so DISGUSTING!
@sunflowerseeds i agree. u described everything what i want to say. i want to copy your comment.
Unacceptable. I'm sorry but I refuse to like this ending. You throw Chilbong a girlfriend in the last few minutes of the show? we don't even get to see their relationship develop. At least, they could have chosen Misoo as his future wife because they have history and were friends. Everyone else had a great love story and Chilbong was just thrown a girl in 3 minutes. I'm sorry but Chilbong was my favourite character and in the end, he was the only character I remained liking til the end - everyone else began to get on my nerves. They took baseball from him. They took first love from him. His parents neglect him. His friends forget his birthday (even his cousin!), he attends his first love's wedding (they photoshop him in the back somehow) and he can still manage to smile through all of this? impossible. DO NOT RECOMMEND. I can't believe they made a joke about the whole first love thing with Chilbong. I don't care if he was laughing as well - he probably did it because he felt awkward. This drama taught me not to hope, believe or work hard because it's all useless in the end. Thanks a lot, drama. I'll leave it here because I could go on.

and im sooooooo angry.
saraooo 05 Feb, 2014