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In an era when Seo Taiji and Yonsei basketball were at the height of popularity, a group of young people in their 20s who hail from different provinces come together at a boarding house in Seoul, growing as they learn about life, friendship, and love.

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jangminhae 17 Oct, 2014
One of the best dramas ever!! It was so cute and funny and touching!!
I shipped Trash Oppa and Na Jeong so much!!! I really loved Trash Oppa! Am I the only one?
Why everyone says they preferred Chil Bong I?
The ending was perfect. I cannot think of even a posibility of a better ending!

Great plot, great actors, great chemistry between them.
I'm gonna miss this drama! It was DEABAK!!
Masterpiece: 5/5
jujuvieira 08 Jan, 2015
It was not so bad at all,but surely i prefer more the first season. [2]
miyuka 14 Jun, 2015
I wish I can find a man like Trash..
kamilles 01 Aug, 2015
The beginning was great, but the last episodes were way too long ..
babo 29 Nov, 2015
Decided to rewatch Reply 1994 while waiting for the next episode for 1988 to come out and realised that I found that the Reply-series are more comforting than ever now when I am doing my internship abroad. The nostalgia really soothes my homesickness.
aesungie 15 Dec, 2015
Love this drama with all my heart. So comforting and easy to watch, I never felt tired of it. Ended perfecly, just like how I wanted it to end. I have to say I prefered the first few episodes because they were a lot funnier, but I also really, really liked the rest. There wasn't a character I wouldn't become attached to, I'll probably miss them a lot - I could see myself in every single one of them. I laughed, I cried and thought of how I'd love my life to resemble that one in this drama... It's all about youth and nobody's gonna be young forever, that's why I'm really happy I watched it just before turning 20.
I didn't mind 21 long episodes, that actually made me quite happy since I could spend more time with my favorite characters~ Oh, how happy would I've been if it only lasted forever.

I don't really understand people thinking it would be better if Najeong ended up with Chilbong... There were many episodes when he wasn't even present, he was appearing and vanishing all the time. It would destroy entire plot if suddenly Najeong chose him instead of a person she loved for so long. I agree, I'd also like to know more about his life after Najeongs' wedding but don't make such a pitiful person out of him. He was succesful, nobody took anything from him and he also met a girl that made him happy ^-^ Actually I feel it's better that he met someone new, not a person who was present in his life before because that would somehow be more disappointing. But that's only how I feel about it, from what I see not many people would agree with me ~.o

PS. Team Trash oppa! :D
eunhye 25 Dec, 2015
Hardly finished.
I don't know what was wrong with this drama. At one side, actors were nice (despite i don't like Go A Ra, she was ok here), characters were sweet, plot was simple yet very heartwarming. But at other, Do Hui was always wooden-faced, Ba Ro - retarded, A Ra couldn't fit her character till the end. And the characters themselves were too... idk... flat? I mean, where the hell gone Na Jeong's fangirling?
Why Trash loved her only when Chil Bong was near? Why we again have that puppy-eyed second lead who will never get the girl?

Besides, the story itself was too long, slow and boring. I'm sure, 16 eps could be enough.
jihye 28 Feb, 2016
É triste este drama, acho que eu gostaria mais dele se tivesse visto ele antes de AM 1988, focaram muito num triangulo amoroso que claramente o segunda opção não tinha chance, fiquei com muita dó, não shippei mas ele sofreu muito, se fosse apenas 16 eps faria mais sentido para mim.