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alex3 17 Jun, 2016
im really sorry, i didn't know where to place this question T^T

but - is there a way to filtr anime titles from japanese dramas while looking through the database? it can be really frustrating when i can't do this, i have to go through so many titles that im not interested in :
Random chan 17 Jun, 2016
@alex3 For that you have the 'cooperation and help' subforum (for questions related to the site :D!). I will move the topic later today.

The reply:


And then use your desired filters (Japanese, TV, starring Oguri Shun and Ayase Haruka). Did you know that you can combine filters? You can choose a film by Sono Shion starring [enter random actors]. You can choose more than one actor even :D! And you can even choose a work that aired before 2010 but after 2007, for example ;). Have fun.
alex3 17 Jun, 2016
@Random chan OMG i can't believe i didn't see this option D: Yes, sorry for misplacing the question, I never used the forum much.
Thank you ~ <3
Random chan 17 Jun, 2016
@alex3 No problem :D!
Bugs and Feedback > say stuff about bugs or tell us we're amazing (lol)
Cooperation and Help > can't find something about a submission? Need general help with the site? go there :D!

Issue resolved. Topic closed.