Mention the status (on my list / not) under each role closed

waver3r 20 Nov, 2016
After finishing a drama or movie I often check in what other productions the cast have appeard.
It would be really helpful if each production on actor's page had a status whether I have watched it already or not, just like in recommendations.
kirtil 20 Nov, 2016
@waver3r I second this
Random chan 20 Nov, 2016
@waver3r @kirtil you can use the search for that :)! Just pick the actor that you want and 'not on my list' and you'll get a list + all info for the works that you want ^_^. You can even pick a specific type, more than one actor at a time (for dramas they appeared in together) and much more.

Hope it helps.

Adding more info into this small space isn't such a good idea for various reasons, so using the search (that allows you to also filter by everything you desire, pretty much) is an easier solution. Also, at least for most part, things would usually have "not on my list" (considering the amount of roles in DB and so on) unless it's a person you specifically fancy and follow all of their works.

If you have further input, please don't hesitate to pm me, closing for now.