Jackal Onda page open incorrectly closed

risika 26 Dec, 2016
Jackal Onda page open incorrectly

The entire page is black. The green colour appears at the end of the page. Here is the picture

The tab also shows "MyDramaList - Error Site"
kirtil 26 Dec, 2016
@risika at the error site part, down below in green color; there should be some data to be used when contacting an admin. You should also include those datas I think.

same thing happened when I tried the page.
contact adming data was:
Request Time: 2016-12-26 1:42:50

Request Error: 500

Your IP:

And while we are on the subject, I received same kind of error when I tried to access profile page of one of my friends here.
contact admin data was:
Request Time: 2016-12-26 1:43:42

Request Error: 500
risika 26 Dec, 2016
@kirtil Thanks. I didn't really read what was written in the green color.

The page you are trying to access does not exist or you may not access it.

If you believe this is an error, contact the administrator with the following data:

Request Time: 2016-12-26 9:48:25

Request Error: 500
Random chan 26 Dec, 2016
@risika Thanks for the report, please send me a private message about it next time if possible (faster resolve :D!).

It's the same issue as, might even be the exact same user. Will delete the comment and the page will turn back to normal.

Edit: done.

Issue resolved. Topic closed.