Help and About pages unavailable to unregistered users closed

susan 24 Mar, 2017
The Help page ( has user account guidelines clearly aimed toward unregistered users. Such as:

"Why should I create an account?
How do I create an account?
Does it cost money to create an account?"

However, the page is unavailable to an unregistered user. I tested this by logging out of my account and trying to access the page. Instead of the Help page, I was directed to the create an account page.

One of two things is wrong here: either the help page has a number of redundant topics not applicable to the users that can access it, or the page should be made accessible to unregistered users.

I suggest the page is made available to those who have yet to join the site.

The About page is also not available for unregistered users. Again, as members, the only information we need from that page is the staff listing. The rest is more geared toward those who aren't members.

P.S. Neither the Help or the account creation page lists a character limit for usernames. I visited the facebook page and happened to see this message left over a year ago:

"Hello i have a problem, when i try to sign up it says the username has too many characters cam i fix that problem? Thank you"

When I tried to find out how long/short usernames were allowed to be, just out of curiosity, I couldn't find the information. That's also how I found out about the issue with the Help page; I logged out to see what the account creation screen looked like.

The limit on the number of characters should be available both for usernames and passwords (I didn't check the password field though), on the account creation page at least.

P.P.S. If you're going to have a facebook page and include a link to it in the site announcements, "You can also follow us and get real time updates on Twitter by accessing or on Facebook by accessing," you should make the time to check and update it now and then, even if it's only every 3 or 4 months or so. The facebook page hasn't been updated since 2013. Almost four years ago. If you don't intend to do so, then it should closed and/or deleted, imho. Otherwise it leaves a bad impression.
Random chan 24 Mar, 2017
@susan Oh, thanks for the headsup, we did some changes a while back and haven't changed the viewing options. We'll fix the access of those pages asap. The help page is already available, the about page will be available later today (no time right now to update it too).

About the length: when you enter a username that's too short, it tells you how long the username should be (min 4 characters). Same for password (8, I believe). I don't see a reason to add it to the help page. Just redundant info. The page that's relevant (registration) offers all the info needed to register and doesn't delete the info that you've entered already in case one of the fields was entered wrongly.

About the facebook page: many people said that they wanted to favourite our site on Facebook and Twitter or something like that. We have no real intention of updating our Facebook page and we have zero interest in social media in general (aside from the one and only mdl social network xD, lol). We occasionally have one or two staff members in charge of our twitter account and sometimes I update it myself when I have the time. That said, we are super against those services anyway due to their security issues and / or guidelines, but so many people have been telling us that it's important for them, so we just opened it since there is no harm in it. I don't see much use in them aside from the promotion of cool indie shorts I did back when I had no time, but if they're not there, people always comment and ask us to add them.

To be honest, we're not really into 'impressions'. Info is what's important for us, and social media, well, it can be out there. If there would be a person interested in working on those platforms for us and representing us according to our guidelines, we wouldn't mind letting them do it. But when it comes to us, we don't really mind it not being active since what we're working on is the site and not some social media account and honestly, we have no idea what to update on those accounts and we don't believe in just randomly posting things for the sake of posting.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to send me a private message.

Issue resolved. Topic closed.