How is the number of 'watching' things on my profile calculated? closed

tenshitoakuma 11 Jul, 2017
Hello everyone. I was wondering why when I go on my profile I have 4 dramas marked as Watching but when I go to my lists > drama > watching only one appears?
It's been like this for a couple of days now.
Thanks in advance for looking into this matter as well as your efforts for this lovely site^^
dutchviola 11 Jul, 2017


On your profile you see the activity of all your titles, but there you can make selections too, if you click the 'clapperboard' only the dramas will show, click the 'filmstrip' and then you'll see all your animations.

When you go to your dramas list the animations you're watching are excluded, because you can find those on your animations list^^ I see two titles (kaitou yamaneko and susanghan partner) you're watching on your dramas list and two (aoi bungaku and saraiya goyou) on your animations list.
Random chan 11 Jul, 2017
@tenshitoakuma Both your animations and dramas are shown under watching, as viola mentioned.

Also, rewatching is counted towards it too (which isn't relevant in your case, but might be in the future for someone with a similar question).

Issue resolved. Topic closed.