Where did the import function go? closed

ahmadmysra 26 Aug, 2017
Actually I have two questions:
First, did the import from other sites like myanimelist-go?

Second, how to search the forums?
Random chan 31 Aug, 2017
@ahmadmysra there is currently no search for the forums, but it's a feature we're aware of :).

Ah for the MAL import > they did a few things on their site that don't make it possible to import from them and we don't wish to use their official export tool as it is insecure and may lead to vulnerabilities in our users' accounts. Our of security reasons, this feature was removed (and wouldn't return in the future unless they do something about their website, which I doubt they would).

XD But wow, it's gone for over 3 years now, I believe... I almost forgot it even existed.
ahmadmysra 01 Sep, 2017
I see.I hope you implement the search feature soon, it'll be great.
I stumbled upon it while trying to migrate here but alas, I'll keep animation there for now!