susanghan gajeongbu

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Eun Sang Chul is left with four children to take care of after the sudden death of his wife. He decides to hire a housekeeper named Park Bok Nyeo to work for the family. Bok Nyeo is a bit strange, being perfect in what she does, though also unsociable, not showing her feelings or smiling because of her past. Bok Nyeo will help the family's healing process.

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hiroyuki 08 Feb, 2016
This is a great drama. Highly recommend it.
alexadm81 20 Apr, 2017
Very very good drama! Choi Ji Woo did an amazing job! I'm surprised she didn't get an award for this role...
The kids also played so good!

The ending was touching!

The scene where she was trying to smile for the first time since her family was alive proved what a great actress she is. The way she was forcing herself at first, then tears flowing on her face and at last a wide smile... So touching.

The reason why I'm not giving this drama 5/5 is because the plot could have had more suspense but it wasn't boring at all. The drama was so interesting through 20 episodes! Recommended.