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Cha Yu Jin and Seol Nae Il go to the same music academy, both major in the piano department and live next to each other. But they couldn't be more different. Yu Jin is considered a good, promising student. There are only two things that stop him from having a good future: Firstly, he doesn't actually want to major in piano, but rather in conducting, to become just like his former teacher, Viera.
Secondly, he can't go abroad to study in Europe, because after some troubles on an airplane, he has a trauma and can't board any ship or plane. So he is bound to stay in South Korea, thus not being able to broaden his horizon like every other student.
Nae Il on the other side is considered a "leftover". She enjoys music for what it is, plays beautifully, but not the way many teachers want to see it. She lacks the will to go to competitions and actually only wants to do two things: enjoy playing piano and become a kindergarden teacher.
But one beautiful day, they meet and this is when the crazy Nae Il starts to disturb the peaceful life of Yu Jin and turns it upside down. And Nae Il's life won't stay the same either!

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alocamary 06 Dec, 2014
fico me perguntando: pq diabos deixaram essa versão tão dramática? porran! u.u
miyuka 20 Dec, 2014
it was masterpiece for me. i like classical music now because of this drama. also i really like the all characters. their school, their friendships are so sweet.
krzhope 03 Jan, 2015
there's no doubt the lead actors are great. if we have to someone to blame, we should blame the scriptwriter, the director, and the producer. right from the start, we know that remaking this drama is a very bad idea. if i'm not mistaken, even the mangaka wasnt happy with this version. and that tells you something.
cocci 04 Jan, 2015
It was not really good. I put 2 stars only because of the nice music.

I seriously would not have finished it if it was not for the fact that I had the flu and I needed something to do whenever I was able to venture out of my bed.
miyuka 12 May, 2015
One of my favourite dramas! So funny!

iloveuuu 13 Nov, 2015
I really loved this drama! I haven't seen any of the other versions though, so perhaps that's why I can't understand why people wouldn't like this version.
jihye 11 Sep, 2016
É ultrajante o qual mal o Cha Yu Jin trata a Nae Il e o pior ela fica igual ao cachorrinho perto dele, não tenho paciência mais para esse tipo de casal, se a história só girasse em torno deles dois eu iria desistir o bom é que os secundários são interessantes e a música é boa.
ddevart 12 Jan, 2017
The last ep was a dream! ♥