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Gu Dong Chi is a prosecutor who is good in catching bad guys but unpopular among higher ups. Soon after creation new prosecutor team, Han Yeol Mu, intern fresh out law school, falls on his shoulders. As if this were not enough, the two also share unfinished business from the past.

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yamashita 29 Oct, 2014
Exciting and amazing!!!!
kirtil 31 Oct, 2014
anyone knows what that torn chart/schedule they were looking at during episode 2?
solnan 02 Nov, 2014
@kirtil Test scores.
kirtil 02 Nov, 2014
@solnan cheers.
So far they don't mean anything to me. Hopefully it will be clear soon.
tephxx 05 Nov, 2014
@kirtil episode 4 has the answer for you :o
hikanepb 11 Nov, 2014
I really like it. I can't wait for the next episode!
tephxx 25 Nov, 2014
Did they kill the wrong kid or Gang Su is Han Byul?
leylachan 30 Nov, 2014
Well I had suspicions but now I'm pretty sure
Kang Soo is Han Byul

after watching episode 11, it turns out it's not the case...
I would have liked it better though.
Kang Soo shouldn't waste his time/heart liking her >_>