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Gu Dong Chi is a prosecutor who is good in catching bad guys but unpopular among higher ups. Soon after creation new prosecutor team, Han Yeol Mu, intern fresh out law school, falls on his shoulders. As if this were not enough, the two also share unfinished business from the past.

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katissleepy 02 Dec, 2014
This and Misaeng are the best shows of this season. This show leaves me wanting for more.
leylachan 07 Dec, 2014
Ugh, Yeol Mu, that girl, I hate her!!!!

episode 12 & 13--> Now it's getting interesting!
And I'm having doubts about KS's identity again..

Hahaha These people have such a great sense of timing. They enter rooms and offices at the most critical moments in almost every episode. PAFECTU TAIMINGU!! LOL
rooomanoooma 17 Dec, 2014
wow ep 14 is sth else for sure !!!!
I can't wait for the subs of the next ep (━┳━ _ ━┳━)
stehcamine 10 Jan, 2015
Every end of episode lets me breathless!
leylachan 11 Jan, 2015
I want to trust Chief Moon until the end!!
kkaoru 12 Jan, 2015
Every end of episode lets me breathless! [2]
gvedit 13 Jan, 2015
Remélem, lesz 2.évad!!!
gvedit 14 Jan, 2015
lett 21.rész!