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yuna 10 Oct, 2015
It was sick, lol
yashii 08 Jul, 2016
sick, but the beginning was good
before the frog came

and what about the end??
He became a vampire and the frog king/queen was on it's way and the movie is over?? where is the fight at the end lol

Ichihara Hayato was the reason I watched it, and the reason I enjoyed it <3
oh and this is a comedy not real, at least it felt like that
lukaz 17 Jul, 2017
Everything was so over the top and didn't fit together. On one hand the movie tries to be all dark and serious, with that opening, so-cool-he-can't-even-breathe protagonist played by Ichihara and
e.g. his fight against the otaku-tourist-guy once he got serious.

But the rest is one incoherent pile of how-can-we-use-all-these-weird-over-the-top-cliché-ideas-all-at-once,
like a killer in a stuffed frog costume named "frog" (kaeru), who actually is a frog-morph; yakuza; vampires; kappa; master-got-killed-while-I-watched-it-oh-no-need-revenge-cliché; inherits master's super power (if you wanted to call it one) after he got killed; and a poorly animated giant frog king destroys the Fuji.
And that's about it.
Two good aspects were there tho: Takashima Reiko and Yuuki Mio, who played their roles really well.