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U Jin is a talented furniture designer with a big secret. Since the age of 18, U Jin has been waking up in a new body every day, not knowing what he will look like the next day. The only person who is made aware of this circumstance is a girl that he likes, I Su. But this situation puts a strain on their relationship.

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dollstar 10 Oct, 2016
I didn't think I Su's devotion and love for Woo Jin's character were very convincing. You roll with it because this is how the story goes, but I didn't feel it. His character was pretty much hollow, I didn't get any handle on his personality or why I Su would like him so much. That's why I felt disengaged even as the story became sadder and the characters struggled with the relationship. Don't get me wrong, the concept has immense potential, but to me it felt like they barely scratched the surface. It felt more like a gimmick than a proper exploration of an idea. Han Hyo Joo was very natural and likable here. It was fun seeing many familiar faces and some of the editing was impressive, but overall the movie didn't work for me.
nimwoo 12 Oct, 2016
I loved the movie. I totally recommend it. I don't usually watch nor like romantic movies but this one delivered what it intended to do. It was well executed and the characters played well.
I loved seeing so many familiar faces, I didn't know even actors like Park Shin Hye, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Hyun Woo, Yoo Yun Seok (only now after reading it I saw that he is the narrator) etc... were here. Even my baby Kang Joon. Really didn't expect it but I loved it. They played so well everything for it.

@kuroikaras those mini series aren't original either. The original idea comes from the book 'Every Day' by David Levithan. The movie was based on that book.
shmatity 18 May, 2017
5 stars!
amazing story
awesome acting
love story was really cute
there were some amazing scenes
purtysunshine 13 Oct, 2017
Pretty flawless as far as movies go. So original and wonderful! Plus, I went into this unaware that Park Seo Jin was in it which was the best surprise ever. He’s still on that ‘can-do-no-wrong’ track for me!!
sunlary 14 Dec, 2017
Amazing story indeed I love So her love for him is really cute ❤❤