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Ho Gu is an eternal source of jokes for his friends and family. But his biggest problem is the fact that he is unable to get a girl to see him as a boyfriend. He then crosses the path of Do Do Hui, a professional swimmer who was Ho Gu's crush since high school. But she has her own problems to deal with: she suffers from a second place syndrome, always stuck with the silver medal. Accidental meetings and unexpected situations bring these two together and lead to the beginning of a relationship that can change their lives for the better.

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dutchviola 20 Dec, 2014
Check out the Korean Drama News Group for info about this drama^^!
stellybish 21 Dec, 2014
Uee & U Sik <33
nami24 10 Feb, 2015
tvn dramas always hooks me
only the first ep is out yet i felt i watched a lot *-*
and O sang shik comao that was cute ~
irresi 13 Feb, 2015
waiting for more :)
tomoesama 13 Feb, 2015
Ho Gu is so cute <3
aquariia 19 Feb, 2015
Pretty good so far. I like the characters. The drama is different and better than I've expected after reading the synopsis.
kirtil 04 Mar, 2015
after watching ep.1;
I was already interested in seeing Choe U Sik as a main and so far it did not disappoint. I liked the character and his portrayal of it. I also liked his close friends and family. Even tho he seems to be the butt of jokes among them, I did not get a negative vibe like I did in Sweden Laundry (heroine there was also in a similar situation but it was so strong that it made me not-like them) and I am looking forward to watching their respective stories. I felt the potential to be maybe even better than the main story there; they were very colorful and kind of damaged/problematic characters.

But on the other side; the story so far seems so cliche that I fear the future will bring us more tears than laughter.
I hope it will be more fun than emo.
plitka 11 Mar, 2015
very cuteā™„