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Ho Gu is an eternal source of jokes for his friends and family. But his biggest problem is the fact that he is unable to get a girl to see him as a boyfriend. He then crosses the path of Do Do Hui, a professional swimmer who was Ho Gu's crush since high school. But she has her own problems to deal with: she suffers from a second place syndrome, always stuck with the silver medal. Accidental meetings and unexpected situations bring these two together and lead to the beginning of a relationship that can change their lives for the better.

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aquariia 12 Mar, 2015
I'm relieved Gang Cheol is not the father of the child.
tomoesama 19 Mar, 2015

The whole character and plot development are amazing. The gay misunderstanding (or opening) is getting more interesting XD. I don't know whether I want Kang Chul gay or to realise that his first love was Ho Kyung XD.

Now I hope that they won't drag the mysterious dad any longer although by the last episode it seems rather obvious. If she really was raped I really want to see Ho Gu's reaction when he meets the father when he's so protective to Do Hee and the baby.
irresi 19 Mar, 2015
Every ep is better than the previous one! I love this drama :D and I love gay chemistry here xD
aquariia 19 Mar, 2015
Hahaha. Why I haven't subscribe tvn's chanel before. The gay thing had been stealing the show for me recently that I almost forgot who is the main couple here.
inukko 22 Mar, 2015
Yep, this is seriously one of those dramas that keep getting better and better with every episode.
So entertaining!
allase 24 Mar, 2015
I agree with everyone this drama keeps getting better and better as it does not fall flat but it digs deep into the past of the characters and their state of mind. Episode 13 was amazing dealing with gender equality and homophobia. Two of the biggest social problems Korea faces.
i am scared with that preview ... I always had a bad feelin that the baby was a product of rape and the father was the swimmer dude from her company since when she was mentioned his name she had such a frightened expression. If it was the kid of her dead boyfriend who she loved wouldn't she want to keep it in the first place? I hope I am wrong tho :/ I don't wish that to anyone not even a fictional character


And it never loses its comical relief moments. Making the drama even more enjoyable
jihye 30 Mar, 2015
Uau que drama bom
Tudo casa perfeitamente e apesar de ser um cliche em algumas partes não me decepcionou até agora
e só falta 2 ep para acabar T-T
allase 01 Apr, 2015
Leaving my review also here:

This drama begins as a basic korean drama a simple love story. Boy meets girl from his high school past.

But why is this successful athlete girl wondering all alone on the streets?

Why did she propose to go out with a guy who at first seemed to be only an old acquaintance?

Then the story starts to get deeper into the characters. Their past and their complicated present. Even until the last episodes there are many mysteries to be solved.

Our main character, Ho Goo is a Fool ( Ho Goo means fool in korean ) He is a highly empathetic kind of guy who will sacrifice himself for friends, withstand hardships and be a kind/helpful person not because he is a coward or a loser but because he was raised like that and it feels natural to him.

What a refreshing lead male character in the kdrama world who is filled with chaebols who are disrespectful to others.

With the character of Do Hi you have to be patient there are so many layers to her story and at first you might find yourself disliking her. But the drama succeded in explaining her actions. You end up rooting for her!

All the side stories are given the time they deserved, the second couple had an equally enjoyable love story.

Even the relationships of the parents had an interesting dynamic and development. At first the comparison between the two families. How amazing were scenes like the soju/wine comparison. A very warm family vs a cold disfunctional family.

The drama dealt with so many social issues discrimination againts women, homophobia,
rape, pregnancy outside the marriage
in a very realistic way. I have seen many commentors dissaproval of those scenes but truth is, these issues exist and it is good that they are mentioned in a mainstream drama. Best part is not only were they mentioned but you could see the characters fighting , dealing with them, surpass them, to make a change!

Last but not least this is a COMEDY! With my review so far you might think it is a drama but no you will laugh more than you will cry. The comic relief is unbelivably smart and ingenious. Few scenes i could think off the top of my head were the school scene where they were fighting(?) and with the perfect classical music score as background they formed the famous capela sixtina formation with god and adam!!! Like who thought of that!? Or fighting scenes later on were out drunk Gangcheol confronts an even drunker Ho Gu. These are two guys who had never before raised a hand to harm another person. Obviously they wouldn't start a hot blooded WWE fight in the middle of the streets, the result was obviously a pathetic laughable excuse of a fight!

In conclution "Ho Goo's love" is a tender, heart warming, absolutly funny drama with a few tearjerking moments! Amazing characters, good script and good acting! (Should mention that Wooshik was perfect for that role!)

5 stars / 5 stars

That's all folks!
This is my first review cause I really dont want this drama to be overlooked!