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Ho Gu is an eternal source of jokes for his friends and family. But his biggest problem is the fact that he is unable to get a girl to see him as a boyfriend. He then crosses the path of Do Do Hui, a professional swimmer who was Ho Gu's crush since high school. But she has her own problems to deal with: she suffers from a second place syndrome, always stuck with the silver medal. Accidental meetings and unexpected situations bring these two together and lead to the beginning of a relationship that can change their lives for the better.

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stehcamine 01 Apr, 2015
Delícia de drama, totalmente humano. Lida com assuntos polêmicos de uma forma que faz quem está assistindo refletir sobre o assunto. Os personagens conseguem ser sentidos graças ao maravilhoso trabalho do elenco.
Não é cliché, aliás, esqueça qualquer outra referência de drama parecido com este, não tem. Só ficou algumas coisinhas pendentes, como a fala do KangChul sobre os "condoms" e como a JiYoon morreu e quem a agredia, mas de resto: five of a five! Melhor parte é o final: é feliz sim, mas também real.
Amei, amei e amei. Se pudesse, deletava ele da memória só pra ver tudo de novo pela primeira vez.
irresi 01 Apr, 2015
from beginning till the end - masterpiece ♥
aquariia 02 Apr, 2015
Such an awesome drama. I loved it. It was much better than expected.
First, the story is great, it's not a simple romance, the characters deal with the real problems and we learn about their lifes step by step so the drama is getting better and better with every episode. The story is quite serious but it's still a comedy. I laughed so much while watching it and I'm surprised the mixture of comedy and drama worked so well here.
Second. I applaud the writers for creating interesting supporting characters. I saw dramas when the main couple was super adorable and supporting couple was plain boring but here we have four unique characters. I can't choose a favourite character because all of them were great and meaningful, including less important characters.

I had such a great time with this drama, it's a masterpiece and I will miss it so much.
ilate 03 Apr, 2015
Dropping it. I've been struggling a lot for the past few days to watch next episode and I just can't. For me it was just so boring and I feel like the plot wasn't well thought. Even though I really like UEE, she didn't do a good job in this one. There's just too many elements that really annoys me about this drama and its plot. Thus my decision to drop it.
meakoo 05 Apr, 2015
such a heart warming drama!! looovvve ittttt!!!
sbloom 06 Apr, 2015
this was a sweet drama, honestly it brings a lot of emotions and things that you don't see in a drama, or maybe you see it but in a very light way or like a whole tragedy. but no, this drama really take things like they should be, painful but there is hope, Hogu was adorable, warming and real, Dohee was so strong and weak, but I just can't put 5/5 because of the ending

seriously, what? are u telling that that bastard didn't get any punishment? but maybe is because in rl we see many cases like this one, but yeah, I think there was something wrong, but again for 2 minutes O don't think this drama turns out into a mess, it was just a weird ending....
rooomanoooma 21 Apr, 2015
loved the end so much ^.^ aweeeee gonna miss the whole cast T^T
alex3 28 May, 2015
about the ending:
im confused, so he didnt go to jail afterall and was called innocent by the judge? :/

anyways it was a warm, cute show, i loved it!!