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Ho Gu is an eternal source of jokes for his friends and family. But his biggest problem is the fact that he is unable to get a girl to see him as a boyfriend. He then crosses the path of Do Do Hui, a professional swimmer who was Ho Gu's crush since high school. But she has her own problems to deal with: she suffers from a second place syndrome, always stuck with the silver medal. Accidental meetings and unexpected situations bring these two together and lead to the beginning of a relationship that can change their lives for the better.

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duerrew 04 Jun, 2015
love it! ♥ such a cute drama!! Choi Woo Shik was amazing ♥
sweetfantasy 19 Jun, 2015
I am actually more satisfied with the ending than I thought it would be. I like how the show demonstrated the problems of victim blaming and gender inequality.
While the ending isn't the conventional one where all the bad guys get punished, it felt more realistic that way.

Absolutely a heartwarming and fun drama to enjoy.
nimwoo 11 Jan, 2017
I gave it 5 stars right away. This drama was fantastic and very well executed. I have no complaints about it. The character development of all the main leads was outstanding. The ending was indeed satisfying.

Even though the drama was fluffy and happy all the time (despite the main plot: a woman being raped), the fact that they decided to put an un-settled ending to it was a very good idea. Knowing the current state of our society (whether it be Western or Asian), rape is a matter that still has a lot to develop to be treated as what it is: a crime. The fact that Noh Kyung Woo was found innocent only shows how it is in reality, and we have a lot of background receipts for this.

Kang Ho Goo was far from being the ideal type of guy. He was weak and slow-tempered, hence people took adventage of him all the time. However, he did not fall into the frustrating category. Even though he was indeed a fool, he never once did not know what he truly wanted. He just thought he wasn't enough for Do Do Hee, therefore, he never could even fathom of having a romance with her. That's why it's amusing when he finally realizes she always loved him- he takes courage from that love and starts moving forward. Also, when they parted ways, the way he realized that it won't be right for him to make her come to him again, but instead, she should go for him by herself, was the final drop that made him develop as a character at its most. He became a man after all, and that's what we were all aming for.

As for Do Do Hee, it's a shame that UEE's acting wasn't that good here. Even though I'm actually her fan, I have to point out that the rest of the cast outshone her acting. Not that she was bad, but the cast, especially Choi Woo Shik, were too good for the level of her acting. However, I liked how she portrayed the character. Do Hee was a hurt woman. She lost her parents and was too focused in her own stuff, because she wasn't enough for herself, so she couldn't consider others in any way, except for Ho Goo. Then, she's being raped and goes through a huge struggle by her own. She swallows everything and does what she needs to do all on her own. I honestly thought she was going to abort, as the synopsis doesn't offer much information about the plot. It caught me off guard that this was the plot.
Do Hee is an example of a person who cannot receive any kind of love because she doesn't love herself. If you don't love yourself first, you can't let others love you, either. I liked how Ho Goo's mother asks her "Are you ready to be happy?" because that's the whole point of her character: as common among rape (and other sexual assault) victims, she grew to hate herself, on top of that, ends up being pregnant and has to bear not only with the social pressure of a woman having a baby out of wedlock, but also a raped woman. But she learns to love herself with Ho Goo's help and is finally able to receive love, and give it as well.

Kang Ho Kyung was the best character of the whole drama, in my honest opinion. She was strong, a sort of feminist, and smart. Although we find out towards the end of the drama that she was hurt by Kang Chul through her whole life and that it grew an insecurity on her, she never once showed this before. She was strong enough to be able to pull off a perfectly competent psychologist, who could date as much as she wanted, and never let this insecurity of hers overtake her. I admired her so much through the whole drama. I personally loved her explanation as to why she must carry around condoms in her purse: "if I meet a selfish man who doesn't care to protect his body, then I have to be prepared to protect my own at any time." Truly amazing.

I loved their siblings relationship. Maybe it was because of them being twins that the writer made them this connected to each other, but I loved how they were always there to support the other. They always helped each other even when they themselves had some load on their shoulders. Like when Ho Goo went to Ho Kyung's room to ask her something about Do Hee but Ho Kyung was too into her own thoughts and Ho Goo noticed it, so he asked what was going on for her, instead of loading her with his stuff. This was probably the best siblings relationship I've seen in k-dramas so far.

Strangely, I don't hate Byun Kang Chul. Although I did want to kill him in the first episodes, when he talked so harshly about abortion and later on, homosexuality, it was the writer's way to make you love him more in the end when his character developed. He was definitely the best character developer*, going through a gay phase on top of all.
I have to say that I have a some sort of discomfort about this whole gay thing. Even though the guy he thought he fell for was in the end a woman, he grew fond of Ho Goo as the story developed so he actually had some romantic feelings towards Ho Goo. Well, it was all because of a huge confussion he had, but I low-key wished they left him gay.
However, I loved how he 'manned up' and went to Ho Kyung, as a protector from the rapist. And the best moment of the drama was their kiss. I can't believe we didn't get a proper kiss from the main couple, and instead got it from them. But I loved it.
I think Kang Chul was just a very spoiled kid; a boy who grew up with no love from their parents and apart of society, he was bound to become a mess of a person. But he meets the right people and they help him to become a good person. What else is there to say?

The whole cast was good. I have no complaints for the acting (except UEE sometimes). And the story was dealed so well. It was thrilling. At some point, I even really considered the hemorroids thing to be true. At first, I really thought Kang Chul was the father, then I thought it was the dead person.
A single woman being pregnant, lessons about contraception, gay realization (whether it was a confussion of not. I think they dealed with the topic very well. Gong Mi even talked about how it would be like suicide to come out as gay in a society like Korea), single mother raising a kid, a guy loving a woman with a kid, rape, victimg blaming, gender inequality, etc. They approached these sensitive topics in a fantastic way.

My favourite part (maybe) was when the detective told her "you don't behave like a typical woman" and Do Hee answered "so how is a victim supposed to behave?". When the CEO told her she should've behaved appropriately. When the detective said she should've refused more aggressively. All this show the reality of the society we live in, in which victims are still re-victimized. I think the writer did her job real good this time.

The drama was beyond being good and I personally think 3.82 is not enough for this masterpiece. tvN always delivers great dramas so it's a no-wonder, but still. I'm very satisfied with everything of it. The comedy was on point, the romance, the drama, etc.
It's a total recommendation.

To conclude my comment, Choi Woo Shik is a hidden gem and he deserves much more recognition.
purtysunshine 07 Oct, 2017
While at times annoying, it was cute and sweet, although in the end—ultimately forgettable. It’s definitely worth a watch, I just don’t think much of it will stick with me. The character dynamics are somewhat unique and the plot twist was great though, which makes this show stand out amongs so many others that follow generic plot lines.