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After getting the courage to confess her feelings, Qi Yue is finally writing a love letter for Yuan Yi.
Though, her bad luck and clumsiness bring the letter to the wrong person, who comes to be the troublemaker of the school, Jiang Meng. He is definitely the devil! And this devil desires Qi Yue as his new pet, to fulfill his cruel intents. Soon, Qi Yue's life changes as she finds her mom is going to marry the devil's father. Can her life turn to be even worse?

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lisyoukai 17 Oct, 2013
babo 15 Dec, 2013
This was my first taiwanese drama, I remember watching it thinking it was good but not fantastic, though
the kissing scenes, OMG, it was HORRID, I mean, it seemed like he was trying to eat her face!!
But I have to admit that the main couples chemistry was great :)
limenora 16 Sep, 2014
For me only Mike He rescued this drama. He is such a cutie. :D:D:D:D:D:D
I got over the dresses and the hair styles, since it's from 2005...but the drama was quite lame.
The acting was bad, the storyline was forced. The main storyline was bearable, because the main couple has a lot chemistry. But the others...ah.
Sometimes it was painful to watch. Their parents were SO ANNOYING.
If it were my first drama, maybe I'd like it... (Boys over flowers effect...That was my first drama, and I LOVED it, but now I saw all the flaws it has...)
So it's an 'okay' drama to start with, but if you're into the drama world, I don't reccomend it to you.

...and I tought I'm the only one who noticed that she has a moustache...LOL
3lii 21 Sep, 2015
I really enjoyed this. Sure it wasn't very original but I didn't come into it expecting for it to be, especially since the synopsis reminded me of several different dramas. Sometimes I had to pause to laugh at how cheesy some of the dialogue/editing/acting/overall production was but doing so was really fun. I had one character that annoyed me at some point during the drama but it was no big deal (although I did find myself skipping over their scenes a bit).
chichieighter 04 Feb, 2016
This was my first drama ever, so many years ago. I remember loving it so muchn i know that it's 2016 now and looking back at it everything in this drama is so ridiculous and outdated even the acting is bad and the plot is weak but for some reasons i just can't stop loving this drama. Stuck in my fav list since i joined this website and impopssible to remove, i'm too nostalgic. After all thanks to this i started to get into Asian entertainment world and it led me to be fluent in Japanese after all. So i guess i owe you one, you handsome Mike He.
cleciane 08 Jul, 2016
o primeiro drama que eu assisti e o meu favorito <3
addy1884 11 Nov, 2016
lmao this is like BOF.. bad acting bad everything but somehow i find myself hooked :O <3
sillysym 10 Jan, 2017
The first drama i've watched. Always in my heart