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On their way to shoot their wedding photos, Liang Luo Han and Fang Zhan Cheng get into a car accident. While Luo Han eventually succumbs to her injuries, Zhan Cheng lives but loses his eyesight. Although treatment is possible, the young widower refuses to get help, being of the opinion that he is responsible for his fiancée's death.

Two years later, Zhan Cheng is introduced to his new caretaker, Chen Yu Xi, who he already met at his workplace before, the latter having caused quite a ruckus by almost revealing his condition to the world. What Fang Zhan Cheng doesn't see: Yu Xi looks exactly like his dead fiancée!

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rashinhye 31 Jan, 2015
Loving this already!
the Chemistry btw the leads are really good :)
irresi 22 Feb, 2015
I'm on 6th ep and I like it so far. Could anyone recommend me similar drama (romance with a nice chemistry)? :)
sami00 29 Mar, 2015
I like it but it's waaay too slow... I think that if it had less episodes it would be better.
nestel 22 Apr, 2015
I love it. It's so great.
joyjee 30 May, 2015
It was an easy watch and loved the main couple. Couldn't care less about the side characters' storylines. I actually found myself skipping a lot of scenes (which I rarely do when watching a drama)

But that ending is ridiculous beyond words. How could anyone marry off a woman in a coma?!?! Sure, they're head over heels in love, but that still doesn't give anyone the right to answer 'Yes' for Yu Xi – not even her mom.

Oh well, all's well that end's well, I guess.

frannam 31 Jan, 2016
I loved it, really an excellent drama and one of the best TW-dramas I've seen. Taking a little thing at the end, everything, absolutely everything enchanted me!
And the couple then how much chemistry!
My Kingone always destroys the action! <3 lol
danisensei 10 Sep, 2017
I was wondering who was the cutie who appears on the 1st ep, and it happens to be the singer. XD