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Two identical girls with similar names lead two different life. Orphan Lee Eun Bi is endlessly bullied and alone in her school. Go Eun Byeol goes to a prestigious school with her friends, and everything seems okay until she goes missing. Being identical, Lee Eun Bi takes the place of the missing Go Eun Byeol.

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jihye 18 Jun, 2015
me recuso a definir esse drama pelo final, me divertir, me emocionei, chorei e isso foi valido. Não ficou com quem eu queria mas nem por isso foi ruim <3
yurisama 18 Jun, 2015
I prefer the other guy too.. :O anyway other than that I liked it overall.
stellybish 18 Jun, 2015
Well guys... it was pretty clear who she chose in the end!
She said she would return Yi An's feelings when she's ready and she's going to give him the medal back.
Well... on the bus that's exactly what she did. So sorry to disappoint you but she chose him, no open ending.
I'm also a bit upset because let's be honest... Tae Kwang went further than Yi An! xD
He kissed her on the cheek! And all Yi An got was hugs + the poor guy didn't know who he liked until the end...
I really don't know why they had to show soo many sweet scenes between Eun Bi and Tae Kwang.
I'm not saying I disliked Yi An or something, it's just that Tae Kwang deserved her more.

But overall I enjoyed the drama, it wasn't as good as School 2013 but still was nice, I just had too high expectations.
Maybe I'm too tired of school plots already, at least here was something new: the Jung Soo In case and the twins. Other than that... again bullying, bullying and bullying.... forcing kids to study until they want to kill themselves, love triangles, teachers going back and forth.. all the same.
But the cast made it better + the OST *-* I wanna reset <3 haha
And props to Jo Su Hyang, she really makes you hate Kang Soo Young from the bottom of your heart!
& to Soohyun for playung two different characters :)
namstar 18 Jun, 2015
acho que o nome do drama deveria ter sido who are you: romance 2015
jongkook 19 Jun, 2015
It wasn't the ending that I personally wanted to see, but I already knew that from the beginning... but nonetheless, I found myself really enjoying this drama... and the drama's finale was cleaned up nicely, so I'm satisfied. Actors were lovely and I've been so addicted to the OSTs since the beginning. I wanna reset. <3
paulixx27 19 Jun, 2015
Even if ending didn't gave me too much emotions, still all the feels I got through the drama are unforgettable.
This drama made me laugh, cry, fangirl, shiver & all these high emotions ♥
I shipped TaeBi till the end & I won't change my mind about the fact that these two had an amazing chemistry & that Tae Kwang deserved Eun Bi more. I couldn't feel anything when I was looking at Yi An & Eun Bi together.. their affection towards each other, in my opinion, came from nowhere & every single scene was just boring & all of these were just quickly passing for me... but that's just my opinion, no hate here :)
I'm just TaeBi shipper till the end! ♥ I kinda feel mad that writers played games with our hearts, making us think multiple times that Eun Bi actually can like Tae Kwang...

Besides romance plot, I just love how great So Hyeon acting was! Seong Jae gave an amazing performance here too! And the actress that played Kang So Young... I've grown to hate her so much, but that means she acted her role very good :) The mystery plot was great too & all the sad/touching scenes made me cry multiple times.
I gave it 5/5 even if last two episodes lacked sth.
Totally enjoyed watching this drama ♥
Though the ending speech of Eun Bi made me tear up a little bit. It was amazing ♥
fuuko 21 Jun, 2015
Ok, I'm dissapointed. This drama made me cry, laugh and I was anxious... but It surprised me the end.
I want TaeBi till the end. Eun Bi and Yi An haven't any chemestry... nothing!! And Yi An was in love Eun Byeol since they were childen, and suddenly, in just a few months, he in love Eun Bi. No!! at all!! Poor Tae Gwang!!

My hate that writers. I hate them!!!!!!!
My score 3/5 because of that end. I'd have given 5/5 if the end would have been more successful.
beeesseoul 30 Jun, 2015
This drama gave me more anxiety than anything else just like School 2013.
However, I must admit it was written way better, all the plot twists were great, kept you on the edge. Even so...I'll also have to agree with everyone. This drama gave me massive
second male lead syndrome
, which is not a rarity for me but seeing that everyone else saw it, there's really something wrong. It was pretty obvious who she was going to end up with. Because that's just how dramas go but this drama actually made me doubt it...
because they really had much more meaningful scenes together and the premise between them being together was much stronger than hers and Yi An's. I mean Yi An was in love with Eun Byul for ten years and kept being so when he didn't know while Tae Gwang saw through her and knew her for who she was and that's why he fell for her.
So yeah although the mystery was written well, the romance was a little bit off given the ending.

Also can I just mention how much I hated So Yeong????? Like so much?? She actually scared me so much. And honestly it's hard to compliment the character because she's so despicable but she was a very convincing villain. Still a little traumatized tbh.