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Two identical girls with similar names lead two different life. Orphan Lee Eun Bi is endlessly bullied and alone in her school. Go Eun Byeol goes to a prestigious school with her friends, and everything seems okay until she goes missing. Being identical, Lee Eun Bi takes the place of the missing Go Eun Byeol.

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ilate 09 Jun, 2015
Words can't express how much I love this drama
erzsy 09 Jun, 2015
wow ep 13 was awesome!!!
Eun Byul iis such a badass girl :D TaeKwang is sweeter and sweeter, please end up with Eun Bi!!!
I can't hate Kang So Young more than this!! What is this quetion, and who are you to ask Han I Ahn who he loves??:O Wahhh
miooo 09 Jun, 2015
omg omg omg *O* hsfjkhskrkkfjhsjfjsdf ♥ ♥ ♥
meakoo 11 Jun, 2015
So freakin excited for the last two episodes!!!!
addy1884 11 Jun, 2015
omg ep 10 ending made me give it a 5/5
jongkook 12 Jun, 2015
Can Tae Kwang be any more adorable? I'm dying here. I love all his scenes... and can't seem to stop replaying/rewinding TaeBi moments. ;n;
Eun Byul is awesome. I hope she walks all over So Young. She's such a bitch.
ddevart 13 Jun, 2015
Omo Omo, que cabelo lindo do Tae Kang! ♥ #ShippoTaeKang&EunBi
eunhye 15 Jun, 2015
Forever in Team I An! *_*

Since Ingyeogongju Park Dae Bak is my forever love, can't do anything with it. Sooo... Go-go Eun Bi/I An couple! But I still feel she ends up with Tae Kwang. Ah....