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Serizawa became a detective because of an event in his past. One day he receives a strange tarot card in the mail, and soon after ignoring it, somebody he knows dies. Another tarot card arrives, and he decides to look into it before somebody else is hurt, and the only person that keeps showing up in every step in his investigation is the lawyer Naruse.

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elisaaraus 06 Apr, 2014
Really Wonderful. The story, theme song ..... is a master piece.
yuukarin80 24 Apr, 2014
This is my all time favorite drama! I watched it when it was airing and 6 years later, I still remember A LOT of scenes and dialogues that really had an effect on me! everything is so pulled together! the cast, the directing, the plot and the OST is so great! I would never get tired of rewatching this drama! I still feel pain whenever I remember lines or scenes from it! it's that powerful! I tried to watch the korean one but as a lot of you know the dragging was a turn off so I kind of just skipped through important scenes and I can say the japanese adaption had better twists IMO but both are good.
I totally recommend this to everyone who likes suspense dramas because the tricks and twists are really powerful! trully a masterpiece!
lorekk223 28 May, 2014
I've cried a lot. Like, really. You all should watch it.
yurisama 27 Sep, 2014
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yurisama 25 Oct, 2014
The korean version was better when it comes about acting(which I perfer), but anything else, Nope.
r0lan 28 Feb, 2015
The character emotions were exaggerated quite a bit, especially Toma's character which kinda... was slightly off putting. This is the first time watching an Ohno drama (excluding that all star Arashi movie) and his side shot glances remind me of Fujiwara Tatsuya! But nevertheless it was bearable. That last episode was a shocker but somewhat satisfying haha :)

2/5 :D
leviathan 06 Apr, 2016
That was very intense Japanese melodrama, i don't know if it's worser or better than original Korean version but i must say i really liked it, every single episodes made me thrilled. Acting was realistic unlike other J-dramas with unique story and realistic plot-twists. Not to even mention about great soundtrack.

Only thing that i've complained about was final episode, felt that they rushed everything, it wouldn't be bad they made that few more episodes i guess... (i didn't watched Korean version yet maybe situation might be same as well since usually Korean dramas have worst final episodes) But overall it was great. Need more Japanese melodrama shows like this...

lukaz 17 Jul, 2017
Watched up until the 5th episode.
I feel like Ikuta just isn't suited for playing short-tempered characters that get mad and overreact every five seconds. Oono's acting on the other hand was good until now, especially the slight alterations in his facial expression struck me as very positive. I also liked Tanaka Kei's and Shimizu Yutaka's performance.
For the story, while watching I thought that some developments are kinda easy to guess - like you've already seen a similar plot somewhere else. Also, Sakita's ability feels a bit too plot-convenient to me. Actual investigation, which is at times difficult to present in a compelling way, could simply be omitted, as Serizawa just has to ask his friendly fortune-teller when in need for some clues.
A really positive aspect is the soundtrack composed by Sawano Hiroyuki, which fits in well with the story and the christian themes that occur throughout the drama (church, devil/angel, ...).

A 2/5 for me at the moment ...