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Sajou and Kusakabe are classmates. One day, Kusakabe sees Sajou in the classroom, practising for the school choir contest, and seeing he has some problems, decides to help him. From that day, the two grow closer and closer and eventually start to date. But things get complicated with the end of high school approaching, as the two have different plans for the future.

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silentscream93 11 Jun, 2016
This one is really cute! :3
banillacream 06 Jul, 2016
too perfect to exist. влюбилась, не зря долго ждала <3
vanityfull 23 Oct, 2016
The art is amazing! Enjoyed it.
zor6a 21 Mar, 2017
❤❤❤ I love this anime so much!! ❤❤❤