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A year has passed since a brutal murder of a married couple in Hachioji, Tokyo occurred where the murderer wrote the character '怒' (ikari) in blood at the crime scene. The murderer has since then undergone plastic surgery to change his appearance but the world still remember the original face.

In Chiba, Tokyo and Okinawa, three men with unknown pasts are living their lives. Who are they and how are they connected to the murder?

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misekeith 18 Sep, 2015
OHMYGOD. A movie from a Yoshida Shuuichi novel directed by Lee Sang Il with THAT cast.
Seriously, I can hardly wait! ;_;
Random chan 18 Sep, 2015
@misekeith oh wow! I totally agree that it sounds like it'll be awesome O_O.
lukaz 17 Jul, 2017
Strong acting in all three plotlines, on point even in some emotional/very explicit scenes that i figured were difficult to act convincingly. Strong, dark atmosphere, especially the explicit (sometimes outright gruesome) scenes were fittingly filmed.
From a certain point on it became rather easy to guess who the real culprit was, but the movie nevertheless remained thrilling and agitating till the end.
suki034 03 Feb, 2018
Stellar cast who all definitely did not disappoint, and the supporting actors were convincingly good as well. Especially loved Ken Watanabe's and Aoi Miyazaki's scenes together