waan loi dak kap joi oi nei

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dziubas 02 Jun, 2015
OMGGG !! *.* it's finally out !! XDDD aaah, DT as a SEXYYY & HOOOT Roy !! ♥ . ♥ I already watched 1st ep but without eng subs;> lol Cantonese sound strange for me XPPP I much prefer Mandarin^^ at least I understand some individual words and I can guessing what's going on but from Cantonese nothing =.= it's kinda depressive feeling >< *pout*
beautifur 16 Nov, 2015
Danson as a vampire = YEEEES ♥
I loved all of it - plot, characters, romance

George & the fox were the cutest

That cgi though.. that I didn't love but I was expecting much worse so whatever.

And that ending!! I liked the twist.
danisensei 07 May, 2017
#Twilightfeelings XD
What I liked the most was the judo competition. lol
And whenever Roy confessed his feelings to Lok Hei Laam. :3