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milisia 08 Mar, 2017
After watching 6 episodes it reminds me a little some sort of Changsha or Sparrow vibe, maybe? with lighter atmosphere and story about people itself, than some war maneuvers. Nothing outstanding, but fun to watch. also i like the main heroine, so yeah, i will watch it a little more :P
milisia 21 Mar, 2017
Ok, it ended. Well i can say i like it :D Like i writted before it's a little mix of genres, not typical war drama :P More spy, a little drama-romance thing here and there..About music - i can't say nothing much i just heard better soundtracks :P Backgrounds etc. : CG..CG...CG? XD
Anyway likelable characters, slow pace, some war, some wierd thing as always and thats also. And what suprised me a little: Wang Qian Yuan was quite ok..for some reason, before drama even started i was thinking he will be ...hmm too mature/old for Shi Shi, but i must say i didn't feel the big difference of the age, so..yeah..i think he passed my test :P