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Kim Hye Jin, who used to be beautiful when she was younger, now doesn't look as good any more and on top of that works at a bar. Her childhood friend, Ji Seong Jun, who always was the ugly ducking, on the contrary, grew up to be a beautiful man. The two meet and don't recognise each other at first, but soon their childhood bonds prove to be stronger than anything.

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carroline 28 Oct, 2015
I think that anyone can make mistakes but not everyone is capable to admit it and say sorry, and even few can really feel regretful (maybe guilty, but not regretful). I think Ha Ri is in the last group: so regretful she also get phisically hurt. i think those last persons are the ones who really really cares. Every moment she pretended to be Hye jin she knew that even if she was in love with that guy, that wasn't her place and kept repeting herself that she was too greedy. She tried many times but also took any excuse she could to delay the moment of the truth (because she's a weak) and was also unlucky. Still, I can think of her as a positive character, someone who can be understood and "forgiven".
Otherwise I can't feel the same about Jong Soon: he was a real jerk at the beginning. He told Hye Jin stuff like "are you mentally challanged?" and humiliated her (and all the other people in the team) in many ways. Even if your a perfectionist and the other person is a complete idiot (and Hye Jin was really a useless idiot at that time when in front of him) there's no way that a decent human being can be so rude and insulting to others, even if you're having hard time at work. I know that now that he realized that he's in love he's so cute and all, but how can Hye Jin - and all the woman who "defend" him - just forget all the humiliations? I can't "forgive" a bastard just because now he's acting kind: i want to see him suffer and give all the due excuses (and in his case there's a need of a lot of "sorry" rainbows and ponies hahhahah), then, maybe, i can accept him :°D
All this while Shin Hyuk was cute and caring with everyone from the very beginning... Arrrgghh why they wrote such an awful main lead and such a lovely second lead!??!!
milisia 28 Oct, 2015

Well of course, we can all make mistakes. We are just human being. But to be honest...ok, she was regreteful, i admit it. But in the same time..oh good, she's some freaky masochist? she hurt herself, her friend and nice guy in the same time, like you said, looking always for new excuses. Greed also can be ok, i don't mind. I just think, she dragged whole situation to much, everybody feel awkward in the end, hurt and win nothing. If i can be honest: i would feel bad, if my friend, would be my..hmm "imposter", take precious time with my first love, cuddle him, spend time with him, and everything behind my back. And also i mad about one thing: maybe not greed itself, but this annoying delay: her repeating, she will tell him tomorrow. But she didn;t beliving, that after 3 months, when he leaves...exactly, that;s still my point: what she expected? that somehow whole thing drain sideways? the truth will be not relased? or when she admit it all, Hye Jin will be not able to do anything, because she can't take back time?
About Jong Soon, well maybe he was too harsh, let's be honest. But in other hand, i know how work in corporation with pressure from other people, can harm you. So he just made Hye Jin a scapegoat, but it's not totally his fault, because as you have a team that chased gruesome terms, any weak link you have: either you must throw or mobilize, even brutally this person. He choose the worse option, but what could he do? although the fact is, he slightly exaggerated.
And about Shin: maybe because he's to bright and funny i just can't take him srsl XD

carroline 28 Oct, 2015
Just finished ep 12 :°D it was fun and confirmed that for christmas i'd like to have a Shin Hyuk and an Ha Ri (with all the shoes and accessories!) all for me :°D

I can understand what you're saying and I agree that Ha Ri is a character with few faults... It's just that i like how they picture her: someone who tries to fight against her weakness... loosing badly :°D And i find that so human and true! :°D
I usually hate when characters are too weak and hesitating, but they are generally "passive" (for example i disliked a lot the character of Park Shin Hye in Heirs).
Ha Ri is not passive: she's cool, smart and she can also be strong in some aspects (at work, with boys, when she have to support Hye Jin), still she's a total mess :D And i love her because even so, she doesn't surrender but keep telling herself that tomorrow she'll do better!
And actually... at the end of this episode she's much stronger!! XD
cncll 29 Oct, 2015
my hope for Jackson pair ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-;
unknown 31 Oct, 2015
Am i the only one who's head over heels for seong joon?! I mean...
...maybe i've seen too many dramas but i totally LOVE it, when the lead guy gets totally sweet after he was such a cold jerk. You could see how much he cared for her even BEFORE she had her tranformation and BEFORE he knew that hye jin was hye jin. I mean, he even explained it. Even ha ri said that his heart was going to her so in the end - he would've choosen her no matter who she was, simply because he fell for her and.
.i think those two are SO CUTE *-* at the office - she's like 'dont be obvious' but then she's grinning from ear to ear while he is just grinning SO CUTE *-* ...i love them. I hope for more cheesy scenes ♡
jessicarose 01 Nov, 2015
These days this drama is sooo boring :( I'm so disappointed...
unknown 05 Nov, 2015
Siwon please stop...his acting is really improving! ... that second lead syndrome is way too strong... (though i'm still for seong joon) ...but still it's a drama where you don't hate the main guy but also want the second lead to have the girl! ...i hope siwon and hwang jeong eum will play again like she did it now with park seo joon XD
thefreak 05 Nov, 2015
WAE?! Shin Hyuk, wae??! Why did you shave?! Q___Q You looked so freaking good with the beard! I want the beard back!!!

I find it really sad that this drama continously lost its appeal. It's not going to make the cut for a 'very good' rating in my case - the show would have archieved it, if it had just stayed the same.