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Kim Hye Jin, who used to be beautiful when she was younger, now doesn't look as good any more and on top of that works at a bar. Her childhood friend, Ji Seong Jun, who always was the ugly ducking, on the contrary, grew up to be a beautiful man. The two meet and don't recognise each other at first, but soon their childhood bonds prove to be stronger than anything.

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nimwoo 06 Nov, 2015
stehcamine 06 Nov, 2015
MBC stole me. I was supposed to watch the last episode today!!!
unknown 06 Nov, 2015
i totally agree with you, WHY did he had to shave?! ...the beard was so hot! it feels so wrong to see him shaved! XD
sangochan 06 Nov, 2015
@unknown exactly
but he is still the best in the whole damn thing
give him more role :)
@thefreak indeed its going to end up in average rating exactly because of the last 2-3 episode

jackson pair was best but she was way too cold towards kim T.T
he was the sweetest guy i seen,why - more emotions supposed to be there - i was hoping when she got worried about him,and that he left -but then nothing :/
nimwoo 07 Nov, 2015
thefreak 07 Nov, 2015
I disagree. Hye Jin never was cold towards Shin Hyuk. She was very honest with him as she did tell him about her first love and her history with Seong Jun. She never once denied her feelings for SJ (sometimes she didn't say it out loud though), or gave SH false hope. She even apologized when SH confessed and she didn't return his feelings.
I don't get all the fuss to be honest. SH is an amazing character, and Siwon played him well, but the relationship between him and Hye Jin never once was of romantic interest (from both sides). And I, for myself, loved them way more as friends than as possible love interests! They had awesome dynamic and so much fun together!
Adding that I assume that Shin Hyuk is really hard to date xD It would be quite exhausting to date such a prangster *lol* And his love was kinda selfish too. Though I really appreciate that he didn't kiss her when he confessed! 'cause you don't do that when you're not sure about the feelings of the other person involved. And Shin Hyuk was the first male character who just hugged her, which I found a lot more decent and cute ^^

I miss the beard Q_Q
I bet he already shaved because of his army enlistment on November 19th~~ So that "plot twist" came in quite handy for Siwon
ralphina 07 Nov, 2015
The drama's main character is too anxious, nervous and stressful... It doesn't feel too good.
jessicarose 10 Nov, 2015
These last episodes are horrible...
And the beard... Oh my... Why did he have to shave it?
This drama couldn't have gotten worse than this.