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Kim Hye Jin, who used to be beautiful when she was younger, now doesn't look as good any more and on top of that works at a bar. Her childhood friend, Ji Seong Jun, who always was the ugly ducking, on the contrary, grew up to be a beautiful man. The two meet and don't recognise each other at first, but soon their childhood bonds prove to be stronger than anything.

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babo 03 Dec, 2015
Just finished this drama with the most pleasurable feeling ever! Although I was rooting for the second guy for the longest time, which I never do, I was really happy how it all turned out. I will surely miss this drama alot. The main couple had such great chemistry, making you wish for that kind of romance yourself.

And I must add, Siwon was hilarious, got to love that guy! I laughed out loud several times,
especially when he even scared that stranger with the spider haha I laughed way to much at that one incident!
dodii 04 Dec, 2015
I started up loving it, then it got kinda stuck and Siwon, like he just end up like that? What do they have with the second leading roles to let them end like that smh...
reginaphalange 07 Dec, 2015
are you guys serious? this drama is so overrated.. the only good thing in this drama is siwon's character.
carroline 14 Dec, 2015
I really loved HaRi and Siwon characters, cute and fresh in they're own ways, all the rest was quite disappointing.
The heroine was interesting in the beginning but from the moment she met the male lead she became more and more stupid and pathetic the way it was just too painful to watch (also her acting was really too much and somehow bothered me).
He treated her like thrash for no reason, she accepted everything without saying a word and at the end they're together like nothing really happened, like she has no pride or value at all. I really can't stand this type of message.
....and how could she friendzone Siwon!??!!? That's madness XD
mack 15 Dec, 2015
siwon's character was unbearable. i'm quite shocked people are saying he overshadowed seojun's.
tenshitoakuma 10 Jan, 2016
@reginaphalange i couldn't agree more hehehe even though i am not a siwon fan his character was the only thing worth watching. oh and the crazy chief editor. she was funny too.
reginaphalange 20 Jan, 2016
@tenshitoakuma yes, exactly, i'm not a fan of siwon either but him and some little funny moments made this drama okish.
stabinsavvi 23 Jan, 2016
Usually Siwon disappoints me in his roles, though i'v only seen a few. I really liked his role in this and was really quite hoping Hye Jin would end up with him... he was perfect for her. *I'm still on episode 11 so i'm still hoping, but that's not usually how these things end... so i know i'll be disappointed*