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Kim Hye Jin, who used to be beautiful when she was younger, now doesn't look as good any more and on top of that works at a bar. Her childhood friend, Ji Seong Jun, who always was the ugly ducking, on the contrary, grew up to be a beautiful man. The two meet and don't recognise each other at first, but soon their childhood bonds prove to be stronger than anything.

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kiyoshi 17 Feb, 2016
Oh, I was so disappointed.
The first half of this drama was really funny. But the second half was really boring and all the drama was full of clichés.
The end was very predictable and boring. Also, this drama shows perfectly how second characters would never be main characters. I wish she would be in love with Si Won.
cocci 28 Feb, 2016
She should have had an eye opening, this guy would treat me nicely if I was his childhood friend but he treats me like trash because he thinks I'm not. I'm glad I got to see him for what he was and should dump is poor excuse at friendship.

I dropped it after 2 episodes. The kiss between the two child actors was cute though.
tamayatz 28 Feb, 2016
It was really funny at the beginning but after the 10th ep or so it really got slow and pretty boring. I disliked Ji Seong Jun in this drama and found him the most boring in the drama.
tamayatz 02 Mar, 2016
I think the reason for the downfall of this drama after the beginning was the fact the the main couple got together very early (like 11th ep or so) and after that there was no real drama whatsoever, they were just planning their wedding.
toru 04 Mar, 2016
i can't believe there are ppl who find this drama boring and bad.. it was really good and really a positive one. especially the second part of it. i just loved all the episodes since like..11-12 till the end - so fun, cute and cleverly shot.
the plot, the characters, not a single "negative" character or the one you would hate. i'd definately recommend it if you want something good, not irritating and inspirational to watch. as someome said it's very peaceful and light hearted. and that's the main advantage.
frejho 17 Mar, 2016
Бесила Чон Ым немного, но Ши Вон все исправил. Можно смотреть дораму хотя бы ради него :)
emmeline 18 Apr, 2016
Siwon really saved this drama, it's so worth of watching because of him!
vanityfull 30 Jul, 2016
Omg, towards second half Hye Jin started to annoy the hell out of me with her nasal shouting all the time.

Loved how many great character this show had though. And Seo Jun is love!