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Kim Hye Jin, who used to be beautiful when she was younger, now doesn't look as good any more and on top of that works at a bar. Her childhood friend, Ji Seong Jun, who always was the ugly ducking, on the contrary, grew up to be a beautiful man. The two meet and don't recognise each other at first, but soon their childhood bonds prove to be stronger than anything.

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carroline 26 Oct, 2015
@cncll and @aries i'm totally agree with you both! :'D this drama would change from good to reaaaally good if things will go in a different and unexpected way just for once XD

About Ha Ri i've read lot of people hating her but i can't understand why...
At the moment she's one of my favorite character ever: she's so sweet, fragile and... human!
She's not the usual second lead bitch, she's just someone who made a mistake (without evil intention, since everything started with a misunderstanding), and is suffering a lot because of it. I found really convincing her struggle to choose between friendship and love... She's basically an insicure person (thanks to her nice family and mother...) and Hye Jin is her pillar. Ha Ri doesn't want to hurt her... but also doesn't want to loose her... and also doesn't want to loose him! So she just suffer by herself and... seems to loose everyone, poor little thing :°D
I really can't blame her for anything since is Hye Jin the first real liar. Luckily, she seems to be aware of this... I really hope those two will rejoin soon!
aries 28 Oct, 2015
I agree with you!
I never thought Ha Ri was annoying or a bitch. She just acted on her feelings. And ofc she's having throuble giving up Seong Joon when it's the first time she's feeling love.
It's obvious that she puts Hye Jin above everything.
sangochan 28 Oct, 2015
@aries i agree

it would be real love for the first time,i hate that she choose that picky and full of himself guy - just because he show his weak side to her - he dont even recognise her when she was not pretty -.-
im truly sad for siwons character, the way he hides that he is rich - nobody would expect that,cause he always act bratty but now that he became sour i hope he dont turn into a bad guy :( buut at the same time i hate him hurt

the main actors role+story i find way too lukewarm - siwons character is the best in the whole
aries 28 Oct, 2015
Yeah! Only reason he thinks fondly of her is because they have a past relationship. Seong Joon never was nice toward Hye Jin when she was "ugly" I mean, he even fired her!!
And now when she's gone through her transformation he's all over her. ( also feel like her personality slightly changed when her appearence changed)
I hope to see Hye Jin feeling something more for Siwons character as well, he only cared about her.
cncll 28 Oct, 2015
He did start taing interest in her before her transformation. Just because she reminded him of her young self. But people change. It's been far too long. Both of them should move on. And therefore Hye Jin should pick Shin Hyuk :3 I mean, she obviously cared about him (this whole accident thing) so why not just go with that strategy?
cncll 28 Oct, 2015
Also, I think that would save the drama. It's become a bit boring lately. I mean, last ep was just useless. No story progression whatsoever. I really hope they will concentrate on Shin Hyuk this week.
milisia 28 Oct, 2015
he didn't recognize her, because she slighty changed: her look, her character and attitude. She was no more selfconfident, cute and charming girl, but insecure and looking quite blunt, looking at her style, women, always making a mistake. And he's a perfectionist. Also they didn't see each other for so many years, and her name is very common, so..
About firing: again, perfection and also i always see that...he start falling in love with her, still having in mind Ha Ri which claimed to be his first love..because of confused mind and heart, he become annoyed. I just feel that he wanted to give vent to emotions and someone had to discharge them, but he did it on the wrong person.
And about Ha Ri: I understand that she fell in love for the first time, but somehow, it's hard for me to feel sorry for her. I understand, she's needy for love. But the whole situation from the beginning: I didn't like it.
I would prefer that she would won his heart being herself, as Ha Ri, and not pretending to be her friend. I don't like that, she had so many occasions to admit truth, but always looking for excuses to live a little more in this illusion. Also the way how she just runaway..that not solve anything. I'm not saying that she should give up. But in the same time i like the fair fight for love.
And ok, Hye Jin started that, begging her friend, but in my opinion, good friend would cheer me up, put best make up and dress and do everything, to give me a courage to meet the guy, face to face, just as that. And if he hurt me, she would cheer me up. Or just cut this mess earlier. But preteding to be somebody else, falling in love, and than make more lies and excuses, especially when for 99,9 % everything and so will release anyway ... what she planned to do next? for me, she just stared shortsightedly, leave on big mess behind her, hurting everybody, and when everything sprinkled, she simply ran off , counting on what?
Eh..i was trying understand her, honestly, but for me it's a mess, that some "Sorry" and cuddling with rainbows and ponies in background, can't fix :/
milisia 28 Oct, 2015
Ok after new episode my comment is not legitin some parts.. XD