wo de shao nü shi dai

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myunngsoo 21 Jul, 2017
One of the best movies that I ever seen in my whole entire life.
Basically in the beginning of the movie I was questioning myself of why the movie is so loved because I thought that it was so average.
But as the movie goes I started to feeling as if I was exactly in that scene with those characters. By the end I was totally absorved by the movie and I literally cried my life (my eyes still hurting because I cried so much and I'm not someone that cries easily lol) .
The movie catch you up in an indescribable way. Definitely one of the best surprises that I ever seen. Now I understand why it's so loved haha.
My congratulations to the director and the screenwriter for making everything happens so smoothly. My congratulations to everyone on the cast for acting so perfectly for the respective role.
Definitely a masterpiece!
5 stars
purtysunshine 20 May, 2018
LOVED IT! It had a fairly predictable plot but still packed a significant emotional punch at the big reveal. So cute. So sweet. Carries with it all that nostalgia of first love. Wonderfully written and the acting was superb. A+!