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silentscream93 24 Jul, 2016
It wasn't bad, but this movie is one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen.
taekyul893 13 Sep, 2016
I don't know why, but I can't stop thinking about this one.
I was so drawn into it! o-o My kind of movie.
angi 03 Apr, 2017
This is one dark and intense movie and it was so freaking scary!!
The acting was awesome and thinking about the fact that this movie was filmed in only a few days is crazy. They honestly did so well. However this movie is very slow paced, which is needed for the atmosphere but I would not recommend it to anyone who doesn't like slow paced movies.
Also this movie is very frustrating and strange and might creep you out at certain points. It's a movie that gives you weird feeling that doesn't leave you even after you finished watching!