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khaiz 05 Mar, 2017
Ok, I just watched all the 12eps available and this lakorn is awesome and woooow it's so intense!! I couldn't stop myself from watching it's so addictive yet so frustrating!! I mean, the plot is so 90's with all the hatred, the complex family relationship, poor background, revenge for a lover and sooooo many misunderstanding I can't even but it works so well in this. Both leads are amazing in portraying their emotions & their chemistry is no joke. I can't wait for the last 3 eps.
khaiz 14 Mar, 2017
Ok I just finished the drama and it was AWESOME!! It’s my first lakorn and even though I tried watching other lakorn in the meantime, it wasn’t THAT good. The ending was awesome and soooo good It really satisfactory.
Of course this drama wasn’t perfect like some characters who were really over the top, some situation which drive me nuts, so much drama & misunderstanding BUT in the end it was a very refreshing, interesting & gripping drama! The best part of it was the lead who were magistral, so much emotion well portrayed & THE chemistry!! Jee & Sathit were really believable characters and every moment they spent together was the highlight of the drama. I hope to see them act together again.
To sum up, I highly recommend this drama for those who wants a gripping revenge love drama ^^
frannam 29 Jul, 2017
I loved this lakorn so much! The couple had a great chemistry, the story is exciting, simply wonderful.
mrsbrightside 05 Aug, 2017
One of my favorite lakorns, mostly because of Jee (one of the best female leads ever <3) and Yaya's amazing acting. The chemistry between the main couple was really good but I wasn't that invested in the romance since I couldn't like Sathit for some reason... In the end I just wanted Jee to finally be happy lol