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yuui 18 Nov, 2015
Ueno Juri ♥♥♥
aqu135 28 Nov, 2015
waste of time...had potential, but the directing was weak and too much focus on the trivial part of plot
sayitaintsojoe 04 Dec, 2015
It was fun. I liked it. :) I really loved the production value, the cinematography, and the way they shot the comedy scenes. They could have given us more in the ending, but it also felt pretty good.
jangminhae 28 Feb, 2016
I didn't get it...
And that ending..... Too awkward and too much talking..
Only T.O.P's song was good.
I didn't like it..
Average: 2/5
animemiz 02 Mar, 2016
There didn't seem to be much direction, and the communication barrier seems way too exaggerated. Highly skeptical, that such a relationship will last. This drama felt very much like a Korean title.
sweetsuga 20 Apr, 2017
Hã? Como assim só eu curti? Vocês assistiram a mesma coisa que eu?